why kids toys are for kids

why kids toys are for kids

I have made a discovery in my adult life, kids toys were made for kids.

Now I know you may be puzzled about this because we all have sat down and played with our children, but if you peer deeper into this issue you will see as I do.

Lego Mines…
Tell me why it is a child can run blind folded through a room littered with Legos. Yet me I carefully navigate threw the room watching my step, stepping like that of a cat carefully then it happens. I step down onto one of these plastic “toys” and it rips threw my heal.

Of course that sends me to the floor only to have Legos sticking me in the rear. These blocks were not intended for adults.

Play Doh is wonderful, entertains the kids for hours, the mess it not to bad if you can stand the smell of the stuff. You have to love it though as a fashion statement.

Where you sit in it unknowingly and you wear it on your hind side to the store.

Of course you see this handsome man looking at you fanny, and you prance about feeling young and exuberant , only to get home and have you husband point out the gray blob of play doh stuck to your bum.

My kids like many other love to color, who would have though a pack of 96 crayons could be an issue, well if you have toddlers about you better love the arts because you walls will have plenty of art.

The kind your can’t remove unless you want to spend hours scrubbing think layers of the wax off your walls. But the very best thing I LOVE about crayon is how the melt in a car on a hot summer day. Like the time we took a trip to the beach, a lovely day it was.

The kids happily colored in the back seat then we got there swan and came back to a car with a puddle of wax in the back seat.

96 crayons and a huge colorful melting puddle. Six car details later you can still see our lesson it nice tints of yellows purples reds and greens.


Hot wheels are great, ya gotta love any thing that sends kids into a fit of move the fridge my car is under there. Or how about how they act as little unsuspecting roller skates that send you flailing across the room failing about the room.

My favorite is the super balls. That pelt about the room like little rubber bullets. They send you running for cover.

Then they roll away…leaving your kids screaming you can never find these things once they go out of your site. I have eight kids. They love these little rubber balls.

Of course they bounce them at a high rate of speed that only a child could get out of one of these things. I can tell you .

They HURT!!! They ignore my pain and scream ear splitting head cracking screams to chase the balls that is theirs or the one they wished was theirs. Little arms searching wilding for the lost balls.

Cries of anguish for those that are missing…You don’t have to remind me…in the adult world kids toys are for kids.

Kids‘ Toys. Think Before You Buy.

There is a chore in my home that brings out the procrastinator in me. This particular chore is so big and so difficult, that I create new tasks just to avoid starting the dreaded job.


What could be so bad: My toddler’s bedroom – a.k.a. fighting the battle of ‘too many toys!’

The problem doesn’t arrive from a lack of organization or space to put things, but from just too many toys in the first place. His room, when tidy, looks like a little toy store gone mad.

My husband built custom shelving just for the toys and books, with varying shelf sizes to accommodate different types of toys and sizes of books.

However, when I take a close look at the contents, it’s obvious that there’s lots of ‘stuff’, but little thought went into most of it.

How should you select and organize your child’s toys? Choosing quality kids’ toys, selected by their developmental stage and abilities, is the first step.

Most toys have a recommended age on the package to let you know the appropriate age group. Take cues from your own child to guide you in whether he is ready for a certain toy.

Make sure that the toys you’re buying actually “do” what they are supposed to. If puzzle pieces aren’t cut correctly, your child will get angry and frustrated when they play with it.

I’ve recently made the mistake of buying a puzzle that was supposed to be appropriate for ages 18 months to 3 years, only to find that the pieces were very difficult to place, and my son became upset every time he played with the puzzle.

Some suggestions for Toddler and Preschool Toys

• Puppets
• Activity tables/centers
• Sorting boxes
• Snap together Blocks – Leggos
• Puzzles – up to 5 wooden pieces
• Figures for dollhouse, farm, etc.
• Dress up clothes
• Trucks and wagons to haul things
• Housekeeping and shopping toys
• Sewing cards
• Buttoning, zipping, snapping dolls or boards
• Preschool age games like Memory and Candy land etc.

Most importantly, choose toys that stimulate your child’s mind and that create learning experiences. Provide an adequate amount of toys for your child.

Don’t do as I have and overwhelm your child with too much ‘stuff’ causing both of you to become frustrated. As we all know,

most little kids have a more fun playing with the box the toy came in while the new toy sits idly on the floor. Now it’s time for me to stop procrastinating and fight the battle of ‘too many toys.’

The Toys & Games Scenario

Are the regular Toys & Games facing a serious threat from Internet and multimedia games? Let us dwell into this issue and find out…

pexels glo russo 5663123

The latest in the realm of Toys & Games are multimedia games that offer multiple options. There are newer kinds of multimedia games introduced now and then, hence the variety available is vast,

and so it suits varied preferences. Apart from multimedia games, Internet is also fast substituting the regular toys & games.

Thus, the popularity of the regular Toys & Games is threatened as Internet and multimedia games are gradually but steadily emerging as a popular medium of entertainment for kids of the new generation.

The kids in the age group of 8-13 seem to prefer Internet and multimedia games in comparison to the normal toys and games available.

Moreover, it is alarming to note that this trend is gaining pace steadily because computers are becoming commonplace in the modern homes of today.


However, Mr. Burjiz Mukerji from Mukerji Exports feels that this is a short-lived trend and since using the computer for long hours is strenuous,

he thinks that ultimately the regular toys and games will be the preferred choice of the tiny tots. In addition, that in the end the regular toys and games will appeal to the children because of the strain free entertainment that they provide.

This threat is to a certainty extent balanced by the upcoming positive trend of many toys & games companies venturing into the educational toys & games bandwagon.

More and more companies are following this trend and that is a boon for the little ones as they can learn as they play thus providing the kids with education as well as entertainment.

The multimedia companies are also not far behind in keeping up this trend and companies like Times Multimedia have introduced many a games with educational value.

Thus, we can conclude that the regular toys & games are facing healthy competition from the multimedia games and Internet and that in the course of time,

even if computers become commonplace, the regular toys and games will be in healthy co-existence with Internet and multimedia games.

Educational Toys For Preschoolers

A lot of experts say that the best way to teach a child a certain subject or value is to introduce the concept during his or her play time.

best teaching kids discipline today

Because kids give their utmost attention to things that interest them, it is but natural to presume that they will more easily grasp ideas if they are incorporated into things that pique their fancies.

Thus, it is probably for this reason that toy manufacturers all over the world are setting their sights on making educational toys for children

– for preschoolers, in particular, because it is during this age in ther kids‘ lives that they are most able to absorb whatever we teach them.

Preschoolers’ minds are not yet filled with lots of worldly ideas so it’s easy for us to instill learning at this point. Their brains and memories are still like clean sheets of paper without any marks.

If we want to them to learn something, a good trait, a lesson, or whatever, bring it to the children during the preschool years and you will not fail.

A good example of an educational toy for preschoolers is LeapFrog’s line of interactive toys and games. Toys “R” Us carries LeapFrog’s products in all of its 150 branches worldwide.

In order for both parents and children to better appreciate what they are buying, small kiosks are set up in all stores where LeapFrog products are being sold, so that buyers will be able to test the products first before they decide to make a purchase.

The name ‘educational toy’ sounds boring, at first, and kids might not want to buy it if we mention it this way to them. However, upon closer inspection and use of these toys

kids will find that these are actually very entertaining and very far from ho-hum. What’s more, parents will be happier because their children learn a lot of new things and improve on their academic, analytical, and logical faculties while their kids are at play.

In the past, the term ‘play’ carried a rather negative connotation, because some parents think that play is just a waste of time and energy.

However, child experts will beg to differ, as play time, while it appears to have no outright value, is actually a very effective learning tool. This is what educational toys aim to reconcile – that toys can actually be very academically beneficial.

Educational toys for preschoolers are also worth every penny spent on them, even if they do carry a relatively hefty price tag compared to most toys being sold. And because they have educational values, parents would gladly spend on these toys.

Give Your Kids The Best Ride With Children’s Riding Toys

If you have to swing your little girl or boy every time under the oak tree, you’ll tire of the exercise. Those children’s riding toys are just what you need if you want your kids entertained indoors during those freezing days. Look here, you deserve a break too.

pexels gustavo fring 7156391

Racers, Pilots, and Boatmen

If you are the type of parent who wants their children to get the most out of their young lives, get them those children’s riding toys.

Parents who gave their kids the treat swear that the benefits outweighed the ruckus the children made when they zoomed around the house or the front yard, pretending to be racers, pilots, or boatmen.

Children are impressionable and want to have the things and gadgets their parents have. If your toddler is asking to ride piggyback all the time,

time to get one of those children’s riding toys before you drop from exhaustion. No matter how much you love your toddler, your poor back needs some rest.

If you’re planning to get him or her the best mini ride, try to find out what tickles the child’s interest. You wouldn’t want to give a pedal boat when he wants an airplane or a racer.

For starters, get one of those quality pedal-pushers carefully crafted and designed with the child’s pleasure and safety in mind.

Pedal cars give the following advantages:

1. Children get ample exercise pedaling their miniature cars.
2. Their coordination skills are developed.
3. They learn to think and make snap decisions during their races.

When the child is a little older with fully developed coordination skills, you can get him or her one of those battery powered children’s riding toys that have the look and feel of the real thing.

Without doubt, he or she will be the toast of the neighborhood.

Safe Fun Anytime, Anywhere

True, it may be some trouble to lug those children’s riding toys around to your parents’ or best friend’s house for those intimate gatherings.

But what’s the best way to keep hyperactive children occupied? Tow these in the back of your pickup or van and zip along to the barbecue party. These toys can serve as ice-breakers when there are other children around.

When kids play with other children, they develop their social skills and learn how to share their toys. Of course, there’ll be some crying if your kids are not used to sharing their prized possessions with others.

But that is part of their learning process. When the dust settles, you’ll find the kids having fun. If not, at least your kid has something to keep him busy. This is very important at the moment – you want some relaxation after a long week.


Teaching Them Responsibility

Although they are very young and cannot understand the world of adults, you can teach your children to be responsible for their toys.

Show them where and how to park their children’s riding toys in the assigned corner and stow their other toys in the toy box.

This is a responsibility they can handle and master. Don’t give them more than they can handle. They are just kids after all.

Your children are only kids once. Give them the best ride while teaching them life’s early lessons in making friends and being responsible for their own things. It may take a while, but you will reap the benefits later on.

Introduce Your Kids to Your Favorite Classic Toys

Remember toys without batteries? Without buttons and video screens, that involved physical activity? Toys that engaged the child’s imagination?

This holiday season, think about introducing your children or grandchildren to the toys, games, and books that excited you when you were a kid.

For young children, toys that they can manipulate will entertain them while they develop essential dexterity skills.

Slinky toys, pull toys, spinning tops, and toy vehicles like trains, tractors and cars stimulate those neurons as they learn how things work.

Dolls, puppets, and stuffed animals, like the ever-popular Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, the Lamb Chop puppet that was a favorite in the fifties and sixties, and all kinds of bears, give kids something to cuddle while they practice their communication skills on their little friends.

For older children, board games are a great way to connect with friends and family. “Chutes and Ladders” is an engaging, unpredictable game

that inspires lots of laughter as players progress through the ladders, and then suddenly end up at the bottom of the board as they unexpectedly encounter a chute.

Another vintage game still played today, “Clue” challenges children’s (and adults’) logical prowess as they try to figure out “whodunit.”


Don’t forget to introduce your children or grandchildren to the books you enjoyed as a child. “Heidi,” “Treasure Island,”

the “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder – the reason you remember them is that they’re classics, well written and as exciting for today’s generation of young people as they were when you were growing up.

Children love to be read to, so consider these wonderful classics as a chance to snuggle up with the kids or grandkids as you read to them.

Don’t forget to reminisce about your childhood while you’re interacting with them, reading, playing games, or watching them play; this times are a great opportunity to begin to pass along the family stories that are so much a part of daily life.

Unplugging your children or grandchildren from the TV, the DVD player, and the Game Boy will be doing them a big favor.

Getting them involved with toys, games and books that will stimulate their minds and their hearts will pay off for them for years to come.

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