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best locating a child day care 1

locating a child day care 1

locating a child day care 1 Locating a child daycare Day care also called a crèche in Queen’s English, means child being taken care of by a person who is not a parent or guardian of the child.

locating a child day care 1
locating a child day care 1

Day care is also termed childcare in some countries. Day care is not only an issue about proper care of your child it becomes sensitive too.

Your small child is away from you and being taken care of by third person. Obviously, you have to be careful while selecting day care center for your child.

Location plays a vital role in selecting the day care center. You have to drop your child in the morning and pick up in the evening.

Your child should not be penalized for traffic delays. Avoid evaluating a day care facility on a Sunday. Try to do that on a weekday during peak hours.

Costs make up another critical components in day care facility selection process. You shouldn’t have any surprises later.

You should know in advance about all the costs involved. Try to cover all the costs so as not to face any hidden costs in the later stage.

Consider all the infrastructure features at the center. What types of other children are being enrolled into the center? What age group do other children belong to.

How many people are staffing the operations in the center. Are there any back up facilities in case the main caretaker falls sick. What type of civil structure the center is located at.

locating a child day care 1 2022

Is it enough for that many children?

Look for the timing of the center. You should carefully consider this parameter. The timing must be in tune with your needs.

You should also try to know from the center about the state of childcare if you arrive late from your workplace. Holidays and leaves also decide the suitability of the day care center for your child.

Some centers may strictly be closed on all the key holidays while some may be open on key holidays, but charge extra amounts for care facilities.

Carefully weigh the accredited and non-accredited centers. You should know the reasons about non-accreditation. Ask for the training courses undergone by the provider.

Last but not the least plan in advance. Some of the more successful day care centers may have a long waiting list. You should assess your day care requirements in advance and therefore register yourself.

Always have two to three choices open before taking a final call on selection.

Consider Foster Care

Foster care is an amazing thing to be apart of. If you are looking for a way to help someone and you have a love for children then you might want to consider foster care.

The benefits and blessings of foster care far outweigh the sacrifices. Be sure, however, that you are well aware of the sacrifices that investing in foster care will mean for you and your family.

It will require time, money, energy, love, and commitment.

And don’t be fooled – foster care will likely require much more than you could even calculate now.

Allow yourself to think about all of the great things that come from foster care. First and foremost, think about the lives of the children that are in need of loving and solid homes to spend time in.

Can you imagine being a child without a safe place to call home?

There is perhaps nothing greater than giving up part of your home and your energy to help a child or children who are in need.

What a blessing for a child to be in foster care and placed in a home filled with fun and encouragement.

Participating in foster care can also be a huge blessing to you and your family. Taking in a child or children in need will fill your life with a great sense of purpose and love like you may have never experienced.

What a special thing to make your life bigger than yourself by caring for a child. You and your family will learn and grow closer together because of foster care.

While it is never easy to include someone new in your family, foster care can be a great way to strengthen relationships and learn to appreciate the blessings you have been given.

For couples who have ever considered adopting a child or children into their family, foster care can be a great trial run to see how your family will adjust the addition of a new member in a less permanent way.

Consider trying foster care for a few months or a year as you try to decide about adoption. One of the hardest but best things about foster care is that it does not require a long term commitment.

Many foster care parents enjoy it so much that they take in child after child into their family.

If you are interested in determining if you and your family would do well at foster care, take some time to research the options in your area.

Explore the possibilities and see if foster care might be the perfect way to reach out to your community, help a needy child, and strengthen your own family all at once.

When Separation Anxiety Strikes Your Day Care

locating a child day care 1

Its easy to get caught up in the business side of running your own day care. But its a good idea to remember the core component of any day care and that is a population of very young children.

You do all you can to prepare your day care so you can provide for the medical, nutritional, educational and social needs of the kids while they are in your care.

But the fact remains that young children are emotional creatures and dealing with emotional issues is part of taking care of them. locating a child day care 1

Separation anxiety is a common event that you will face when dealing with a new child entering your day care community.

There are actually two sides of separation anxiety.

There is of course the home sickness the child will exhibit when he or she is trying to adapt to the new situation. locating a child day care 1

But there is also a separation anxiety in the parent that surfaces in a lot of ways. locating a child day care 1

You may see emotional outbursts from a mom at drop off or it might surface in frequent phone calls to check up on the child or to even talk to their youngster. locating a child day care 1

One way to reduce the impact of how the parents of your day care kids are hit by separation anxiety is early counseling and dialog about the problem.

Many parents will deny that they will have those emotions when dropping their kids off. locating a child day care 1

But if this is a first time experience of using day care for a parent, it will be an emotion that mom or dad will experience, even if nothing is said. locating a child day care 1

There are a number of ways you can help the parent feel more at ease about leaving their child at day care.

You might suggest that the parents consider using the day care for a day for free and that mom or dad or both take a day off to hang around, watch how the day is organized, locating a child day care 1

witness their little one enjoying time with the other kids and see the professionalism, warmth and caring of the staff.

That one day may be worth the day off to help the parents get to a comfort level about where they are leaving their child. locating a child day care 1

That free day may also help the child get accustomed to being in this new environment which could help reduce the separation anxiety that child will inevitably feel during the first few weeks as he or she is getting used to day care. locating a child day care 1

But there are other steps to take before the first day to help the child ease into day care with reduced stress including…

. Have mom and dad talk about day care with the child so the little one is not taken by surprise.

. If there is a little friend the child already knows at day care, make sure that connection is understood and even that the child is greeted at the car by the friend and escorted to the playground.

. Allow mom or dad to “pop in” every so often for the first week or two to increase the comfort level. l ocating a child day care 1

. Make sure the child sees the day care workers talking to mom and dad so the child knows these are trusted adults. locating a child day care 1

. Encourage the day care workers to bond with specific children so when anxiety hits, that special worker can be a comfort to that child.

When separation anxiety hits hard at the day care facility when mom or dad are not there, its good to not overlook or belittle the child.

It could be the result of anxiety over a game or a conflict with another child. And when the anxious child wants mom or dad to help with the difficulty, not seeing that parent can cause anxiety or even panic. locating a child day care 1

Above all the workers should remain calm. Be comforting, understanding and accommodating. If the child needs to be away from the group for a little while,

make that possible so he or she can be in a smaller setting with trusted adults and children the child feels at ease with until the anxiety passes. locating a child day care 1

Just remember that fear and anxiety will grow when the child senses it in others but if he or she senses calm, warmth and acceptance,

that goes a long way to reducing separation anxiety in any child just getting used to the big new scary world of day care. locating a child day care 1

What Is Institutional Day Care?
locating a child day care 1
locating a child day care 1

If a child has to enter a child care program at a young age, choosing the correct one can be as important to their future as the correct college. locating a child day care 1

The consequences of a child having a poor early childhood experience are widely documented, with children displaying behavioral problems, increased insecurity and separation anxiety and excessive demands for attention into the grade school years. locating a child day care 1

In light of this, many parents often feel overwhelmed in the face of the sheer number of day care options available. Each child thrives in a different environment;

however, with a little research and the occasional trial and error, it is possible to for a parent to discover the best choice for their child. locating a child day care 1

Institutional child care is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Many institutions will begin accepting children as early as six weeks of age, and often continue to offer care up through the school years.

Cost wise, this option is usually somewhere in the middle between in-home day care and private care, with prices varying according to age and the number of days a child is expected to be present.

Most facilities will charge on a weekly basis, and parents are expected to pay for the full week regardless of the number of days their child is actually present.

Children in day care institutions are grouped into classes according to age, with each age group having its own classroom with one or two teachers. Staff to child ratios vary according to institution;

however, as most are required to be licensed they should not exceed the guidelines set forth in the state licensing agreement.

Care often begins several hours prior to school hours, allowing for children to be dropped off as parents go into work, and continues for several hours after dismissal.

They are fed breakfast and lunch, and are given rest time in the afternoons.

Age appropriate group activities are scheduled throughout the day, with time allowed for independent play, and holiday activities and field trips are common.

All children are taught basic skills, such as self feeding and potty training, and those that are of preschool age are taught to write their names, identify colors, shapes and letters, and count. locating a child day care 1

The advantages of choosing an institution are the chance for a child to acclimate to a classroom environment prior to entering school and reliable care; barring an emergency parents should never find themselves without a caregiver during regular hours of operation. locating a child day care 1

Most teachers and teacher’s aides have training in child development and psychology, as well as childhood education, from a secondary school, and are trained to respond to medical emergencies.

There are disadvantages as well. Due to the larger class sizes children often do not receive an appropriate amount of individual attention, particularly those children that are less boisterous.

This is the stepping stone to many of the behavioral problems touted as these children learn to emulate the less desirable actions of their peers, whom they see the teachers working with time and again.

Any good child care facility will allow parents to come in and observe prior to placing their child, and will often allow parents to accompany the child for the first few days. locating a child day care 1

This will give the parents a chance to get a feel for how their child will acclimate to the environment, and remove them if a situation seems inappropriate.

Effects of Daycare on Children
locating a child day care 1

Ever since women entered the workforce, the great daycare debate has raged on.

Parents, scholars and politicians have argued the pros and cons of external childcare facilities until families are absolutely certain placing their child in day care results in either an infant prodigy or a teenage delinquent. locating a child day care 1

As with any issue, the truth has been found to be somewhere in between. locating a child day care 1

Day care can be a tremendous opportunity for a young child to learn social skills, expand their vocabulary and learn to function as an individual away from their parents;

constant interaction with their peers allows them to develop a respect for the opinions and emotions of others, learn the value of teamwork, and to form friendships that will often carry into their school years.

They are also given an opportunity to learn basic academic skills at an earlier age, and adapt to the more rigid structure of a classroom environment prior to entering Kindergarten,

locating a child day care 1
locating a child day care 1

easing what is often a difficult transition for children who are kept at home in their preschool years.

On the flip side of the coin, not all day care providers are able to give the high quality of attention and education necessary for growth and adjustment. locating a child day care 1

This is often due to an inadequate amount of staff for the number of children a facility cares for.

Many times by the time a child reaches preschool age there is only one teacher responsible for up to fifteen students, locating a child day care 1

if not more (licensing guidelines state that there should be no more than fifteen students per teacher at the four and five year old level; locating a child day care 1

however, a fluctuating population of drop-in students may cause this number to be nothing more than a myth).

The results of a long term study done by the National Institute of Health showed that those children who spent a great amount of time in a

lower quality daycare displayed more instances of aggressive behavior and demands for constant, individual attention, a trend that continued through the sixth grade.

This behavior may stem from the need to compete for attention from a very young age, and is displayed in children of large families as well.

Those children who are quiet and well behaved are set to the side while the teachers struggle to deal with the children who are not so self sufficient;

is it any wonder, then, that this often results in these children learning to emulate the less than savory behavior of their peers, whom they see receiving the individual attention they crave?

The key to a positive day care experience is to carefully screen any day care before a child is enrolled.

The school should have a low staff to child ratio, with one adult to every two or three children at the infant level, gradually rising as the child increases in age but still sufficient for individual attention.

The teachers should display a genuine love for the children, with experience and training in child development and psychology, allowing them to quickly detect a problem with a student before it becomes uncontrollable.

Parents should remain in contact with the child‘s teacher, receiving progress reports and observing classroom behavior on a regular basis. locating a child day care 1

Any instance in which a parent is deliberately left “out of the loop” in their child‘s education, even at this early stage, is cause for concern, and should be considered an immediate warning sign that all is not as it should be.

In this case knowledge is power, and allows a child to quickly be removed from an unsuitable situation before damage is done that is irreversible. locating a child day care 1


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