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Important information about Disneyland

Important information about Disneyland

The Truth About Disneyland And Disabilities-Today, even disabled people can enjoy the wonder of Disneyland!


If you are on crutches, you should ponder renting a Disneyland Scooter to get about the estate. The lease fee is $35 per day, with a $20 deposit. A valid driver’s license is important, and you should be eighteen years old or older.

You can also choose to lease a wheelchair, which is not electronic. The rental fee for a wheelchair is $8 per day, with a $20 deposit. You do not need to lease your wheelchair or Scooter from Disneyland.

You can choose to rent the apparatus from a undisclosed company, and have the wheelchair or scooter delivered to your hotel room.

You may discover that it is cheaper to rent from a private company, as contrary to renting from Disneyland.

Cast members and assistance personnel will be happy to help with Visitor wheelchair transfers, and if you should part with a wheelchair or scooter that you’ve rented from Disneyland,

wholly demonstrate the ticket for the wheelchair or scooter, and Disneyland will happily supply you with another one.

Even so, if you lose a wheelchair or scooter that was rented from an outsidecompany, Disneyland will not be capable to help you replace it, and you may have to pay the rental company the full price of the chair.

This is something to consider when you are attempting to decide whether to rent from Disneyland or a private company.

All of the restaurants and shops are wheelchair reachable, as are the entertainment areas. When it comes to wheelchairs, your problem will be accessing some of the rides.

Various rides are not suitable for individuals who are in wheelchairs, while others are perfectly apt. For example, you will not be able to appreciate Donald’s Boat, Sailing Ship, or Tarzan’s Tree house.


However, there are innumerable attractions that you can appreciate, such as The Disney Gallery, Disneyland Monorail, the Disneyland Railroad, the Tiki Room, The Gold Horseshoe, It’s A Small World, Mark Twain Riverboat, and Tom Sawyer Island.

Some attractions will require you to be transferred from your wheelchair, such as Alice in Wonderland, Indiana Jones, and the King Arthur Carrousel.

Whether or not you can enjoy a ride in your wheelchair, or you must be transferred from your wheelchair to the ride, you can in actuality enjoy most of the rides at Disneyland.

Do not allow the fact that you can’t walk about the park keep you from planning a Disneyland Vacation. Now there is no more excuse not to go have fun at Disneyland!

At night Disneyland lines up a variety of entertainment to tantalize the senses of its visitors; you get off a ride or two than when the majority of the crowds are preoccupied with such side shows

Toon Town, as the name implies is a town in Disneyland where every Disney cartoon character can be found; they actually have their own houses and welcome visitors to their home.


|You kid can have a birthday cake specially made for him/her at Disneyland for a mere five dollars at Goofy’s Kitchen on Disneyland.

Disneyland can be enjoyed no matter the season; however, you may find more attractions and fun during festive seasons.

|Your honeymoon can be had at Disneyland and can be an unforgettable experience because of the honeymoon packages available at the Disneyland resorts.

|At Disneyland, a majority of the entertainment goes for no charge at all and some form part of your admission charge; however there are certain plays or shows that need reservations if you wish to be a part of them. E.g. Minnie and Friends.

Booking your family member’s rooms in advance at Disneyland can fetch you a very nice discount; you should try it.

|You can hunt for treasure or stall the antics of the bad guys when you go on the ‘discover the magic’ tour at Disneyland; it is the most renowned tour on the land.


One of the perks of staying at the Disneyland Hotel is endless; concierge services, a continental breakfast, evening wine and cheese reception not to mention the plush accommodation.

|Entertainments especially at night at Disneyland can be more fun on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

So, bear this in mind the next time you are planning for a vacation to Disneyland.

|Stroller services, which allow you to rent a stroller for your toddler, are obtainable at Disneyland; however, their resemblance to one another may require you to add some distinguish touches such as a colourful rope.

Coming along to Disneyland with a baby in tow does not have to be a nightmare because Disneyland has a baby center called the Disneyland Baby Centre, which provides for your baby’s most basic needs

Minne and friends is a spot on spot on Disneyland that allows you to eat with mine, a Disneyland character in cartoons and gives your kids something to remember for the rest of their lives.

|Disneyland requires that you be on your feet practically all day and because time passes and you are hardly aware of it, you may notice your feet aching when you want to retire; away carry Epsom salt so that you can give your feet a good soak with it in warm water for relief.

Your toddler can enjoy the sights and sounds of Disneyland while taking a ride on the Disney Rail Road which takes you from one spot to another.

|Having a large family may cause you to hesitate about going to Disneyland for a grand time; it shouldn’t though because at Disneyland, number is no barrier to fun thanks to accommodations that can hold three hundred people.


|Disneyland offers the option of using a Disneyland resort gift card that enables you to purchase gift items at any Disney resort or any stores in Disneyland that is not partial to receiving payments in credit card form.

A birthday celebrant who decides to celebrate his/her birthday at Disneyland ultimately receives a round of special treatment from the Disney characters in the park such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other outstanding Disney celebrities.

|Are you disabled or incapacitated? You don’t have to feel left out of all the excitement that Disneyland offers because in

addition to all those fun events they offer the hire of equipment that will enhance your mobility at Disneyland and make your feel like part of the Disney family as well…. these include scooters and wheelchairs.

A fast pass ticket at Disneyland enables you to avoid waiting in a long for your turn at a ride because it states a time for you to come and enjoy your ride….. It can be obtained from local machines found near the rides that are not biased to accepting a fast pass.

|Your family can have a memorable time at Disneyland Hotel, a hotel with nine hundred and ninety rooms which were each designed to give off a dream land effect with a springing of pixie dust and large kind sized or queen sized beds.

|Carrying your baby or toddler in your arms can tire you out very fast and prevent your from truly experiencing Disneyland at its best; you can rent a stroller at Disneyland to put your baby in and reduce the burden of carrying him/her around.

Disneyland is a place that is reputed to provide a variety of fun and delight to everyone no matter their age or objective; it is a venue that practically oozes a euphoric aura that very few can resist

Important information about Disneyland
Important information about Disneyland

Shopping in Disneyland can turn into a nightmare if you have to drag virtually everything that you have bought after you to shows or other dreamy places Disneyland has;

that’s why the package express is on hand to help you keep your purchases while you tour Disneyland’s breathtaking proportions.

|You can plan in advance for a trip to Disneyland by availing yourself of the planning services at Disneyland for a smooth unforgettable trip.

Disneyland is a tourist attraction that caters for the need of every individual including your baby…… you can purchase baby food,

nappies and other baby supplies from Disneyland’s baby center for the ultimate comfort of your baby and your ultimate peace of mind.

|You can pay for purchases at Disneyland by using the Disney dollars; these are custom-made dollars that can be used like everyday cash to pay for goods and services in various spots on Disneyland.

|Christmas at Disneyland can be a total blast because your kids get to bake and decorate cookies with Santa Clause’s wife,

ride in Santa’s Reindeer Round Up and watch an aweing display of foreworks……. What more can a kid want?

To enjoy the sights and sounds of Disneyland, you have to buy a Disneyland ticket and looking after this ticket should be your main priority because there can be no Disneyland without the Disney ticket!

|We all know that long queues have the ability to disperse been the strongest of enthusiastic nature; to avoid waiting on long queues in order to enjoy a rider,

you can get the Disneyland fast past which schedules an appointment for you to easily walk in the hop on your ride.

Are you thinking about celebrating your birthday in grand style but you aren’t exactly sure about how you want to do it?


Try Disneyland! Disneyland has special birthday treats that are guaranteed to make you feel like royalty.

|Christmas can be season of fun when you spend it at home with the ones you love. It can be more delightful however; if you decide to take the entire family to Disneyland for a Christmas that they will never forget.

|At Disneyland the fun never stops; various side attraction there include the golden horseshoes, the tikki room, Disney rail road, Indiana Jones and Alice in wonderland.

At Disneyland, you can make use of the Package Express Service which packages and keeps your purchases while you sample the delights Disneyland offers You should endeavor to go and collect it on time, to avoid waiting on a line to do so

Important information about Disneyland
Important information about Disneyland

At Disneyland, you can get a Fast Pass for the following rides; splash mountain, bit thunder mountain, Rogger rabbits cartoon spin, Autopia and Buzz light year.

|When you arrive at Disneyland, you can get a guide book which basically contains a detailed representation of Disneyland, the services and goods available and where they are precisely located.

Disneyland restrooms are designed to cater for visitor’s needs and are reputed for their comfort and neatness. |Disneyland is an experience that can be made especially more memorable if your money doesn’t get missing.

If you are the sort that can’t see, to hold on to money without losing it, you can get a Disneyland Merchandise Card that is equivalent to a credit card which enables you to spend money on items you like with ease.

|Regardless of your status or physical condition, there is bound to be a package that will benefit you at Disneyland.

You may consider renting a scooter or a wheelchair form the services in Disneyland that offers them because in the even that they get missing; a display of the recipe entitles you to another one.

|At Disneyland, you get to mingle and interact with all your favourite Disney cartoon and film characters thanks to the Disneyland character meals.


Whether you are alone or you choose to bring your entire family along for the ride, Disneyland is equipped to meet all your requirements and leave you with a sense of fulfillment.

|Disneyland offers you really want to go out in style and class, you can patronize Disneyland resort rooms where you get concierge services and free items such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and bottled water You’ll spend more but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

|Disneyland offers you the opportunity to play the hero or the villain, depending on what ticks your fancy, thanks to their discover the Magic Disney Tour where magic comes alive under your own hands.

Getting in touch with a Disneyland vacation planning agent can help you plan for your vacation at Disneyland as the agent can supply you with the information you require to make budget adjustments or other arrangements.

|You can have your pick of fun at Disneyland no matter your age….. Disneyland’s services and goods are fashioned bearing EVERYBODY in mind.

|Disneyland is a place that appeals to many because inspite of our bleary dreams or disillusioned fairytales, it tends to wake up the child in everyone who goes there and makes you believe that dreams can come true…. They really do.

You can get a discount for your trip to Disneyland if your purchase Disneyland tickets in bulk or rent a block of rooms at Disneyland resorts

Important information about Disneyland
Important information about Disneyland

If you are thinking of getting married on Disneyland, your first step should be to plan in advance; you should meet with the Disneyland Wedding Planner to determine the location, size, budget and side attractions of the wedding at most a year before your wedding date.

At Disneyland, entertainment and fun is a round the clock affair with attractions that are featured in the mornings, after noon and at night.

The parade of dreams is a popular feature at Disneyland; it is a display of large colourful floats that carry a variety of Disneyland character’s who engage in a choreographed platy at least three times a day.

|If you are disabled, Disneyland does not discriminate; their scooter and wheelchair services testify to this fact as you can hire either at a fair price for an uninhabited tour of Disneyland.

|Apart from being a place of fun, entertainment and relaxation, Disneyland also serves as an educational centre as it organizes the Disneyland Magic Music Days Program, an educational program for students of dance, music or vocal arts.

A fourth of July celebration at Disneyland can make a world of difference in any celebration Despite the everyday display of fire works at Disneyland, the fireworks for the fourth of July are totally mind blowing!

|You can know all you want to about Disneyland by going on line and checking their website where information about their goods and services is relayed in detail.

You and your family member can catch up on events by going to Disneyland and patronizing the ‘happiest place on earth” service which provides a sumptuous plenic for a large family.

|In Disneyland, fantasy land is a tourist attraction highlight which consists of a variety of rides and other side attractions; the only height restriction here is a thirty five inch requirement to ride the Matterhorn.

|If you have a sweet tooth, Disneyland is bound to satisfy your sugar cravings because a variety of candies such as lollipops and cotton candy are being sold practically everywhere.

Dinning with Disneyland characters is a feature of Disneyland many kids look forward to; most of them however require reservations, so, be sure to make them in order to indulge in a moment of stardom with your favorite Disneyland character


Taking pictures at Disneyland makes your experience more memorable as you can look at those pictures again to relive the super moments at Disneyland.

|At Disneyland, you can change your baby’s diapers or powder your baby’s bottom at the Disneyland baby center, a place designed to meet all your baby’s needs.

Package Express is not exempted from Disneyland Disneyland Package Express is an express service that specializes in keeping your purchases for you while you tour all the intriguing places in Disneyland without stress.

|Are you thinking of cooking up a Disneyland surprise for your spouse or kids? Then contact Disneyland Vacation Planning Service to make the surprise a truly spectacular one .

The Disneyland Vacation Planning Service takes your budget, surprise deliveries and gift types into consideration in order to come up with a truly exquisite surprise package.

|To enjoy Disneyland, you need to buy a Disneyland ticket which enables you access in the park to savour the delightful sights of a variety of rides and shows.

If you are a music, dance, or art inclined person with the hope of improving and soaring high in your field, you should consider enrolling in the Disneyland Music Days Program, an educational arrangement made in collaboration with renowned choreographers actors,

singers, composers and comedians to bring out the best in you.|You should take care not to lose your Disneyland ticket because if you do, purchasing another can leave an obvious dent in your budget and leave you floundering.

Fantasy Land Theatre is a well known site at Disneyland which features the repetitive production of snow white as a musical and delights the snow white fans.

|Fire works and Disneyland go hand in hand There is usually a spectacular display of fireworks each night in Disneyland before the park closes for the day.

|The size of the occasion is irrelevant at Disneyland A group of 1000 people or more can be comfortably seated at the festival arena for a mouthwatering array of meals and services.


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