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Dogs and Kids

Dogs and Kids

Dogs and kids, it’s a combination that at it’s best can be the stuff of childhood dreams. At it’s worst, it can be a source of heartache and pain and even injury.

How can you ensure that your child and Man’s Best Friend have a loving and safe relationship? Mostly, it’s the responsibility of the adults of the house to teach toddlers and even older children that a dog is not a toy.


It’s a living, breathing creature that feels pain, shame and humiliation as much as love, pride and happiness. A dog that bites a child may only be defending itself the only way it knows how.

But to minimize ever having to worry about a parent’s worst nightmare, family animal psychologist, Larry Lachman, M.S., offers the following advice:

Do NOT reach for a dog’s head the first time they meet a dog nor excessively rough house around their own dog’s head and face.

Do NOT look a dog straight in the eyes, which could be seen as a threat or challenge by the dog.
Do NOT run up frantically to a dog, which may react fearfully and defend itself or jump and bite at the child’s face.

Do NOT scream loudly at a dog, which could stress a dog or startle it, causing an aggressive response.
Do NOT bother the dog while it is eating or chewing on a chew toy,

which could trigger an aggressive guarding response, especially if the child is under seven years of age, where he/she is looked at by the dog as a competing animal in the pack.

Do NOT hit, kick, slap, ride, or tease the dog in any manner.
Do NOT leave the child and dog alone until the child is older than 7, and can control its impulses.

Adults Should Take The Time…
To show the child HOW TO POSITIVELY interact and pet the dog under direct supervision.

To show the child how to be a junior dog trainer, and get the dog to sit with a treat, under parental supervision.
To only give the dog attention when the child is also receiving attention so the dog makes a better association with the child.

Following these tips will minimize conflict and teach your child to respect your dog and treat her as a member of the family.

Adopting A Dog – Finding That Perfect Dog

When adopting a dog, it is best to ensure that you and the dog is a perfect match. No amount of preparation though can limit your dog to the characteristics, temperament, and behavior that are ideal for you.

Dogs and Kids
Dogs and Kids

Nevertheless, several small preparations can help minimize the odds that you are adopting a wrong dog for you or your family. Adopt the perfect dog using the following criteria:

The dog breed.
The dog’s breed is critical in choosing a dog that will fit the credentials you are looking for. Sure, the breed’s temperament and characteristics are just approximations of how the dog would turn out when

it’s full grown and that individual dogs have individual personalities. Still, the dog’s breed can still give you an idea of what to expect.

The dog’s function.
Not all people who adopt a dog do so only to make them as a pet. There are owners who seek to put their dogs to use according to the dog’s activity or training. Some are made into therapy dogs, others as guide dogs.

If you are considering a dog for specific purposes, you are advised to pick ones that have undergone special training or, in general, have the traits suitable for the function.


The dog’s source.
There are plenty of places you can go to when looking for a dog ready for adoption. There are the rescue groups, the animal shelters, and local humane societies for dogs.

These have individual preferences about the dogs they take in, which should give you an idea of what to expect in the dogs they shelter.

Animal shelter is the way to go when wanting to save a dog’s life. Animal shelters don’t necessarily keep track of the dog’s history so you can expect surprises as the dog grows old with you.

Also, they often accept mixed breed dogs or mutts who possess unexpected characteristics. If you are not a big fan of surprises, you can look into the selection of dogs rescue groups have.

Rescue groups are, in general, the best sources for dogs that are good for adoption. These keep tabs of their dogs‘ history and the dogs‘ previous owners.

So if you are interested in knowing the conditions from where the dog you are planning to adopt came from, a rescue group is the best place for you to begin your search.

On top of these, rescue groups are very specific about the breeds they accept. They also shelter their dogs in actual homes, not in kennels.

Your home.
Where the dog is going to is also crucial factor when adopting a dog. Some dog breeds are not suitable for families with children, others are not comfortable in confined places.

If you have kids in the family, the size and activities of the dog you are planning to adopt should be considered. Small dogs are likely to be abused when kids are around because more often than not, kids treat their dogs like they would their toys.

Very huge dogs, on the other hand, are a big no-no for small kids. Children could be hurt around powerful, muscular, and oversized dogs.

Also check into the policies of the neighborhood you are living in. If you are living in an apartment, check with your apartment owner for their pet regulations.

You don’t want to adopt the perfect dog only to give it back to the shelter because of your living area’s no-pet clause policy.

Finding the Best Pet and Best Friend

With the current number of puppy producing mills everywhere in the world, it’s an understatement to say that it’s DIFFICULT to find a genuine pet dog belonging to a genuinely friendly breed.

Dogs and Kids
Dog Training for Kids: Fun and Easy Ways to Care for Your Furry Friend

Today, we have all kinds of mixed breed dogs, Great Danes with Golden Retriever legs, snippy headed American Eskimos, etc.

The point is that we are looking for a pet dog, a family pet dog, not a show dog! But the inbreeding programs by puppy breeding mills continue to flush the market with such incredulous mix breeds of dogs.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a pet dog, a man’s best friend, it’s best that you learn how to find answers and ask the right questions at the pet shop.

Going to a shelter or rescue home for dogs is always a good idea if you’re looking for puppies in need. There are many advantages of owning a pet dog

as compared to owning a cat. After all, it’s a fact that dogs make better pets – they didn’t get the name ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing.

The key to finding the right dog for the family, especially if you have kids, is to do some homework before you go dog-shopping. It’s easily to get emotionally deterred when you see the dogs on display.

A particular attractive dog may not be suitable to your needs and it’s not a good idea to get emotionally attached to the wrong pet dog.

Despite the fact that it takes more effort and time to have a pet dog (compared to cats and other types of pets), they are still the most popular types of pets. Pet dogs must be walked, brushed, exercised, talked to, stroked, and loved unconditionally.

Pet lovers treat their dogs like human beings. Pet dogs will thrive on your attention to it and they will give you their unconditional friendship and companionship.

Imagine coming home to a best friend who will do anything for you, with you and to you, irregardless. It’s not the same as having other types of pets. A pet dog is capable of unconditional love and devotion.

Puppies are adorable, that’s for sure, but if they are not allowed to socialize with as many human beings and dogs of other species outside its home as possible, they will grow up with a kind of fear that could transform into something more serious later on in its life.

For instance, dogs that fear other human beings and other dogs can behave erratically and have unpredictable temperament.

The constant socializing must take place consistently and regularly during the first 5 months of its life. Taking your best fiend pet dog to training classes at an early age will be extremely beneficial to your relationship immensely.

Pet dogs are like kids too – kids have their teething problems while growing up (some have problems all through their lives),

so, we should not expect any less from our dogs. Be patient in teaching them how not to chew, scratch and vandalize everything in your home.

With your guidance, love, supervision, socialization, gentle and human attention, your pet dog can be trained to grow into your best friend for the rest of its life!

Dog Lover Gift

There are a lot of dog lovers out there in the world who really love their dogs as members of their families – some as much as their kids.

Dogs and Kids
Dogs and Kids

I have known many people who celebrate their dog’s birthdays with as great joy and fanfare as others do their children’s. There is nothing wrong in that. It is actually heart touching to see such love and bond between man and animal.

But there is one big problem in these types of situations. What do you get as a dog lover gift? What would give joy to both your friend and his dog at the same time? The best bet for a dog lover gift is, in my opinion, a dog toy.

There are a great variety of dog toys available in the market today and one can definitely get a good choice both in price and novelty.

There are rubber toys which are designed to exercise the dog’s jaws by chewing it, as well as fetch-me rubber balls which can entertain both dog lover and the dog for interminable stretches of time.

Then there are raw-hide toys which most of the times come with meat flavor for added attraction. These serve a dual purpose –

the dog can actually eat it in time and it is reinforced with vitamins at time (so it is healthy) and it is a favorite play thing for all dogs without any exception.

Among other toys designed as dog lover gift are also soft toys and vinyl toys. You will be surprised to learn that dogs actually love to cuddle and play with soft toys, sometimes just as much as kids do.

Some dogs carry their soft toys in their mouth during the day as a child would carry their toys, while some love to snuggle against theirs.

Keep a day or two for window shopping so you can see and choose the best possible dog lover gift for your four-legged friend. In this way you could match the toy better both to the nature of the dog and the pleasure of its master.

Tips For Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family

Every family needs a dog, they are the perfect way to round out life at home. Kids love dogs and adults love dogs and lets face it they make for fantastic company.

Dogs and Kids
Dogs and Kids

These are even the right animals to get you off your butt and exercising. Having to walk the dog each day is a great way to get yourself back in good health and good shape.

But what dog is the right one for your family? That is a good question, especially if you have other animals and children. Some animals are just not suited to be around kids or other pets.


Pitbulls for example should not be owned if you have children. No matter how gentle and kind the dog seems to be, this is an unpredictable breed that you cannot depend on to stay kind and sweet.

They can turn at any time and once they do, there is little that you can do. Every week there is another article in the papers about a deadly pitbull attack, you do not want this to happen to your family or neighbors so avoid pitbulls.

Labradors and retrievers make wonderful family pets. They are large and cuddly and sweet and always kind. These dogs are always tons of fun and energy and they are honest and loyal companions.

When you have this kind of dog you will always get to feel safe and protected but also have the peace of mind knowing that your children will not get hurt by this animal at any time under any circumstances.

Dog truly are a man’s best friend and once you have your very own you will know why this saying has survived for so many generations. Make your family complete by getting a dog that the whole family will be bale to bond with and enjoy.

Miniature Chihuahuas The Smallest Of The Small Dogs

Miniature Chihuahuas are bread from the runts of the litters of larger Chihuahuas. They often weigh 1 to 2 pounds.

Dogs and Kids
Dogs and Kids

The dogs have become popular with female celebrities who carry them around in their purses or bags. Here are some things you should know about miniature Chihuahuas.

First of all, all Chihuahuas are small. At most, they weigh 6 pounds. They are the smallest pure breed in the world. Because these teacup, pocket, or miniature Chihuahuas are the smallest of the small, some people find them rather attractive.

You should know that no one can tell just how large a Chihuahua will be before it is 10 weeks old. So, don’t listen to a breeder who insists that he has a 6 week old teacup for sale.

The dog originates from Mexico and is named after the Chihuahua state in that country.

As far as miniature Chihuahuas go, the British standard is that ideal dogs weigh between 2 and 4 pounds. If two dogs have identical scoring in all other factors, the dog with the least weight wins.

There are both long and short haired Chihuahuas, but many people find that hairless or mostly hairless miniature Chihuahuas are ideal.

Miniature Chihuahuas are a sensitive breed. Harsh or inconsistent discipline is counterproductive. These activities and may encourage anxiety, which is a trait that the dogs are already known for.

Miniature Chihuahuas are capable of becoming spoiled unless they receive kind, consistent discipline. This is especially true if they are having difficulty learning.

By nature, miniature Chihuahuas have light, lithe bodies, so they easily race out of sight before their owners are able to react.

They can be excellent watch dogs, but will bark excessively unless taught how to remain quiet. They do not, however, make good guard dogs because of their small size.

Miniature Chihauhuas are good dogs if you live in an apartment. Unlike larger breeds, they do not need much space. The are, however, active dogs, so be prepared to walk and exercise them.


Also, if you live in a small apartment, be aware that the dogs will “take over” some of your living space and not want you to intrude on it.

Miniature Chihuahuas are friendly, companionable dogs. They are easy to train and are especially good for first time dog owners. They require very little grooming, but should be brushed at least two times a week.

Miniature Chihuahuas do have several specific health problems. As the smallest dog in the world, they have unique challenges.

These include Tracheal collapse, Hypoglycemia, Bone and joint diseases, Obesity, Heart conditions, and Bladder Stones.

They can also be seriously injured as a result of their small size. When kids play rough with them, they can break a miniature Chihuahua’s back. So, keep them away from children.

Cold weather will also affect teacup Chihuahuas. You should consider getting a sweater or coat during the winter time to give it some extra warmth and protection.

Miniature chihuahuas are often wonderful pets for the right adults. While smaller isn’t always better, miniature Chihuahuas are popular dogs right now.

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