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Best Traveling With The Kids

Traveling With The Kids

Vacationing with your family is one of the best times you can have. But deciding where to go may be more difficult than you may think if your children have one plan and you envision another.


Compromising is oftentimes the best way to ensure that everyone has a great time. If your kids want to go to someplace warm with beaches and large waves, a vacation to Hawaii may be the perfect way to spend your vacation.

There is plenty to do with your children during the day, and plenty for you to do at night. You will be able to explore the Hawaiian culture, see exotic plants and learn a lot about the animal and plant life of the ocean.

Traveling to Kenya is another place where you and your children will be able to explore new cultures and learn more about animals.

Your children will enjoy exploring the rainforests and camping outdoors. These vacations usually cost less than going to other places and with guided tours, your family will learn and experience a lot during the trip.

Another popular tourist destination is Costa Rica. On this holiday, you will be able to see inactive volcanoes, enjoy stories told by locals, and spend the day on the beach.

This is a trip for families who have children of varying ages as they will each find something unusual for them to remember the trip by. You will be able to enjoy the food of Costa Rica as well as their famous coffee.

If you don’t want to take your children to the beach and you want to try something entirely different, you can rent a villa in Spain or Italy and take your children to see ancient ruins, historic architecture, and many other famous landmarks.

You will enjoy beautiful views of Tuscany, delicious food, and be able to visit some of the most famous museums in the world.

This vacation is meant for older children who can appreciate the landscape and have a good time roaming around the countryside.

When planning a vacation with children, you should keep in mind their ages, what their interests are, and how well your children behave on longer trips.


While trips to Italy will cost more than a trip to Costa Rica, if you have always wanted to go, then why not plan a great getaway with your family.

Since most families can only afford to go one large vacation each year, ask your children where they would like to go and create a budget.

While they may not get their wish, you should be able to find a vacation destination that they will be excited about.

Be sure to plan a vacation that is kid friendly and adult friendly as it is important that you have a wonderful time as well. Choose destinations you may not have been to so you can truly enjoy exploring a new place with your family.

On The Road Again – Tips For Traveling With Kids


Traveling With The Kids
Traveling With The Kids

If I had a dollar for every time my 8 year-old said this in the course of his life, I could probably fill up my car with gasoline for a year. It is a question my son constantly asks, and it is one I asked my parents more times than I’d like to admit.

And, while there is a valuable lesson to learn on patience here, teaching that to an 8 year-old when in the midst of a multi-state trip is not the most ideal time to do it. So, distraction tactics are necessary.

So, on a quest to at least curb this question that, when asked, sounds like the proverbial fingernails on a chalkboard, I found a few nuggets of wisdom to use with my son that allow him to enjoy the trip as well as myself.

1. The Alphabet Game – this is, by far, our favorite game. There are multiple variations, but here are a couple of our “standards”.

Play the A to Z Animal game where, starting with letter A, everyone tries to name as many animals as they can that begin with that letter.

When no more can be named, move on to the next letter. Another variation of this is the A to Z Sign game. Starting with letter A, each person searches for a sign with that letter. Once a sign is found, move on to the next letter.

2. Bury Your Animals – this game works great for long, country road trips.

Each person (or team if everyone is playing) keeps up with the number of animals seen out their side of the car. But, when a cemetery is passed (or a sign indicating a cemetery), all animals counted for that person have to be “buried” and counting starts over at 1 again.

3. I Spy – a timeless classic in the travel game world, there are many variations on this. You can spy by color, by shape, by amount, by clues.

My younger son LOVES this game – it is one we play quite often, no matter how long or short the trip!

4. Map It – State maps can be found relatively inexpensively (or even free at state visitor centers). Acquire one for your young traveler, and have him or her map out their route as you travel.


As you pass landmarks on the map (highways and roadside parks), move your “track” from a pencil or pen along the route to indicate your position. This is an awesome visual for seeing exactly how far along on the trip you are.

5. Pull Out The Paper – We are notorious for our mail during trips, so have the kids make cards along the way to send to themselves! They will get a thrill creating their own mail, and imagine their surprise when they receive it in the mailbox after coming back home!

While these ideas haven’t eliminated the “are we there yet” syndrome, they have significantly reduced it. Now I get to hear, “Let’s do that again!” which is a lovely melody compared to the other.

Family Travel: Traveling With Kids

Family travel is something most families do throughout their years together. Traveling on vacations is often an annual tradition families have.


From the time your child is born, it is likely you will take him or her on trips to see family members, theme parks, and even just one day drives.

While safety is often the first thing parents consider when traveling with their kids, keeping them happy and busy along the way also adds to the success of the trip.

Safe Travel Tips

Safety is the most important factor with children traveling. Family travel should always been done with caution paid to safety above anything else. Here are some tips to keep everyone safe.

• Insure everyone is using proper safety belts and car seats throughout the trip. It’s tempting to loosen the belt for long trips, but high speed accidents on highways are common during the summer months.

• Be sure that the driver gets enough sleep and that parents are able to stay alert not only in the car but also on airplanes and buses.

• Keep items out of the car that could be choking hazards for small children. Travel games often have small pieces and are meant for older children. The jarring of a car can easily cause these to slip down the child’s throat.

• Be sure everyone knows where to meet if for any reason the group is splitting up. Cell phones are a good communication device and the responsible person’s within each group should have one.

• Talk to your children ahead of time about the risks of strangers and who to talk to if they do get lost. For family travel to be fun, everyone has to remain safe.

Family Travel Things To Do

When it comes to being on the road or in a plane for an extensive amount of time, busy kids are happy ones. Parents can do a number of things to keep kids active and busy so they don’t become overwhelmed with the long trip.

• Pack snacks. Kids are hungry every few hours and snacks are the best way to keep them quiet. Prepackaged items are sold in individual sizes, but you can also choose crackers, grapes and other small foods and place into small bags. Juice boxes and bags travel well.

• Pack an activity bag. For younger children, these goody bags can be a surprise for once you are on the road. Load them up with small toys, coloring supplies, stickers, and other activities you know they will enjoy. Don’t let them go into the bag until they are on the road.


• Pack things to do in backpacks. For older children, keeping them busy will help to cut down on your stress. Handheld games, video games, a deck of cars and travel size games can work very well. Include a few comic books, a magazine or even a book they want to read.

Many of today’s ultra fun activities for the car are in the form of technology. Portable DVD players, in car systems and even full scale video games are sure ways to keep everyone busy.

Those with an MP3 player can also benefit from this. Give each child a disposable camera to take pictures with, too.

Family travel is often best when everyone on the trip is looking forward to something that interests them. When there are two completely different opinions, cater to both.

For example, if you are traveling to an area where there is a lot of camping and wilderness hiking, and one child does not care for this, find out if there’s a local show or museum nearby they may like to stop in during the trip.

Traveling with kids is enjoyable when you plan ahead. Take the time to talk to your kids about the trip alerting them to the length of the drive. While traveling at night is not always an option, this is also a good way to cut down on the boredom factor.

Many kids are happy enough with a few things to do and the conversation of the parents to keep them busy. Make this a trip that everyone enjoys by sharing stories, ideas and thoughts in an open forum.

Everyone will feel welcome and happy before, during and after the trip.

Keep The Kids Entertained While Traveling!

Family vacations can be one of the most anticipated highlights of the year. Maybe it is crossing several states to a favorite amusement park or driving 100 miles to see the grandparents.

Traveling With The Kids
Traveling With The Kids

Whatever your case may be, if the kids are going they will need to be entertained while traveling to make it easier on everyone.

Today there are many items to keep the kids entertained while traveling compared to 10 years ago. Keep in mind that some of these ideas that I will be giving you are not only for traveling but will also get lots of use after returning home.

Kids love pictures, so you might consider buying an inexpensive digital camera that they can take their own pictures with.

Handheld video games are another big hit with not only the kids but mom and dad might like the blackjack or poker handheld games also.

Whatever your destination may be, just be safe, have fun and don’t stress yourself out. Below are a few items that you might consider that the whole family will get some use out of.

Mustek 8″ Portable DVD Player:
lets you take the show on the road or anywhere else you want to watch your favorite movies and programs.

Plug your DVD player in with the included AC power cord or the car adaptor power cord or run it for up to 2.7 hours off the rechargeable battery pack.

So no matter where you are, home, office, hotel room or even roughing it in the great outdoors you can watch your favorite movies and listen to music CDs and MP3s.


You can even use this handy high-tech toy to keep the kids busy on long car trips.

Weighing less than 3 lbs, KidKase can support up to 15lbs. of weight on the fold-out table while attached to the seatback, allowing children an unlimited range of activities.

A combination of high strength materials and advanced design techniques allow KidKase to achieve a high strength to weight ratio while providing a crush-proof envelope around valuable electronics potentially stored inside.

Attaching KidKase to the headrest is quick, secure and can be accomplished by most children. An ergonomic design allows kids to easily reach the interior of the KidKase while the fold-out tray is extended.

Children can store coloring books, toys, travel games or homework and still have room their favorite drink stored in the side pouches.

To facilitate the activities on the fold-out table, the interior of the KidKase contains removable, molded plastic trays which neatly hold markers, crayons, LeapPad cartridges and even a flip-up nightlight which extends play during night driving.

If your kids prefer moving pictures, try the Playskool Handheld Video Now Jr. Personal Video Player.

The program discs are sturdy enough to stand up to sticky fingers and rough handling. The product performed well in GH Institute tests that evaluated sound quality, picture quality and skip resistance.

Another product plus for moms and dads: earphones.
iPod Video:


Time for the world’s best music player to take the stage for another encore. In 30GB and 60GB models that hold up to 15,000 songs, full-color album art and up to 25,000 photos, the new iPod makes the most of your music and more. Yeah, you’ve heard that tune before.

Only now, you can watch it, too. With support for up to 150 hours of video and a 2.5-inch color display, the new iPod lets you take music videos and TV shows on the road.

Tips For Air Travel With Your Kids/toddlers

Everybody loves traveling and an air travel with your kids could be a challenging experience. Going on a long vacation with your kids and planning your journey ahead of time makes traveling less stressful. Here are some tips to make your journey comfortable throughout your flight.

Traveling With The Kids
Traveling With The Kids

Purchase a seat for your kid. Although you are allowed to keep your kid on your lap during the travel, having a separate seat will be more comfortable for both of you.

To keep your toddler engaged in some activity or another will ensure a pleasant journey. Bring some toys and games to keep your young one entertained and if possible have a portable DVD player and make him watch his favorite movies.

Since food on planes is very limited, bring some nutritious snacks like fruits, milk, cheese, and natural juices for your toddler to have and avoid use of too much sugar to prevent hyper behavior.

Don’t ever forget to bring spare diapers and change of clothes for your kid bring a bag to put his soiled stuffs inside it to prevent its odor spread all over the plane.

Generally some of the passengers sitting next to us try to pacify our toddler when it behaves irrationally. Some others easily get irritated with their arrogant behavior case he may be, we should give him assurance that we are trying all possible ways to make him quiet.

You need to schedule your flight timings with the bedtimes of your toddler. Ensure that you travel by direct flight to avoid unnecessary boarding in different flights with your kids.

You should be in a position to control your kids so that any misbehavior in plane is administered and controlled promptly.


Speak softly and avoid rapping them in case of any arrogance. Ask the kids to play the games of their choice and keep them engaged. While taking off or landing give them something to eat and drink to depressurize their ears.

On such occasions they tend to become more uncomfortable and such small tips like chewing and drinking would help them to avoid facing such situations.

Don’t keep them under your control always. Let them loose for some time or leave the reigns free for them to enjoy the travel on their own way.

It takes time and preparation to plan the perfect vacation. To find out further information on planning your next trip or vacation,

log onto Internet, there are many travel and discount travel sites that are available. Today there are more discounts than ever on traveling.

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