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best scrapbooking for kids

best scrapbooking for kids

As a homeschooling mom of 4 girls, scrapbooking for kids has been on my mind alot lately. Let me back up a bit. My 4 year old was quietly playing one day with a roll of stickers.


Afraid I was going to later find a bunch of stickers caught in the carpet, I asked her what she intended to do with them. She pondered for awhile and then said, “I am going to put them in a scrapbook.

Mom, can I have my own scrapbook?” For some reason, this caught me by surprise, as I thought how wonderful of an experience this could be! So

, I started thinking about it more and have come up with some tips and ideas to share with you on scrapbooking for kids.

First of all, I will admit, I am cheap! I wasn’t sure how excited I would be at the thought of my 4 year old and her sisters cutting up my beautiful papers and glueing everything down in sight! I immediately thought of our local dollar store.

They have albums that would be perfect for showcasing their creations in for the time being. The dollar store also offers scrapbooking supplies in the form of kits, stickers and embellishments.

We have a reward system in place, where the girls can earn a trip to the dollar store to purchase their own scrapbooking supplies to do with as they please.

This alleviates the desire to “mess” with my stash while instilling a sense of responsiblity to earn thier reward!
Here are a few more cost saving tips:

*Have too many pictures to scrap? Let the kids scrap the leftovers.
*When developing photos, get double prints.


Let the kids scrap with the doubles.
*When you complete a project, put the leftovers and unused scraps in a container for them to use. They can create their own embellishments with the scraps.

You will be amazed at what they can create!
One thing I do want to mention, when you scrap for the first time with your children, be prepared to help and guide them.

Don’t expect to get much done on your own pages until they start to get a feel for what they want to do and accomplish in their own scrapbooks. Now that they are ready to scrap, what should they scrap? Here are a few layout ideas:

*Have them scrap a page all about their favorite things at that particular age. (then repeat it for each year and see how their favorites have changed or stayed the same)

*Have your kids scrap about their favorite activities or sporting events they are involved in. I’m sure you have plenty of photos!

*Turn it into a learning experience and have them interview the subject of the photo. This would be great for older generations.

*If there aren’t enough photos, have them draw pictures of people. Then watch how their drawings progress. Each one of my girls have a specific style of how they draw family members.

It is interesting and fun to look at.
What about incorporating their artwork and creations? I am very blessed to get cards, pictures and artwork on an almost daily basis from my girls.

But what do you do with all of them? Here are a few ideas:
*Hang on the refrigerator for all to see.

Then once the fridge is full, take a picture of your child in front of their artwork and scrap the photo. You can also incorporate their artwork into the layout.


*Color copy and reduce the drawings/projects and use as photos in your layout or as embellishments.
*Are you near the end of a roll of film? Use up those last couple of shots of your child’s artwork.
*Use pocket pages to “hold” your child’s artwork.

*Create a “brag” book and give to grandparents or other family members as a special gift!

Even though I can be anal at times, I still want to incorporate my girls work into my scrapbooks as well. Afterall, they aren’t really my scrapbooks but for all to enjoy! Here are a few ideas:
*Use child’s drawings as a background paper.

*Use their creations as embellishments. You’ll be amazed at what they can create with some paper, scissors and adhesive!

*Interview them. Ask them questions about the photo, layout, their mood. This would make for some awesome journaling!

I hope the above tips will give you some ideas on scrapbooking for kids!

Ideas for cost-free scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is one the favorite hobbies of America. And what is there not to like? It is addicting. It is involving and it helps you tap into those dormant creative energies.

best Scrapbooking for Kids
best scrapbooking for kids

What is more, you get to recreate and preserver special memories on paper while doing something that you really really love.

Scrapbooking though can be really costly with all the materials that you have to buy. There is the scrapbook itself or the album, which you can find in craft store.

There are also the special papers and decorations like little metallic buttons and ribbons not to mention the tools like scissors and glue. Scrapbooking can really eat away a large chunk off your monthly savings.

But this should not be the case. If you really want to, you can turn your scrapbooking activity into a cost-free adventure.

All you need to do is to be resourceful and find items around the house that you can reuse as decors and emblems. Below are some tips that can help you get started.

Recycle paper.

There is actually no need to buy an already prepared scrapbook or album because you can easily create your own. In fact, most of what is being sold in craft stores and department stores are scrapbooks that you can do yourself.

If you have the time, you can recycle your own paper from the newspapers and scratch papers that your kids use in school.


Recycling your own paper is real easy although there are many steps that you have to follow. It can also be time consuming because in addition to tearing the paper into smaller pieces, you also have to dry them up after the recycling process.

But if you are really decided and have a lot of free time in your hands, research on the specific steps in the Internet. Who knows, you might find it real fun.

If however, you find recycling your own paper mighty tedious. You can use plain bond paper or use sheets of newspapers or magazines without really recycling it.

Use those pages with ads on them for its color and graphics. The details can add some great touches to your scrapbook pages.

Look into your old stuff

There are a lot in the house that you can use as decorations for your pages. You don’t really have to buy decorations just to make your page nice.

In fact, sometimes, what you find in your home can add a touch of memory into your page that decorations in craft stores cannot achieve.

One example of things around the home that you can use are old buttons that you get from clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

Buttons are great decorations for the pages. Another possible decors are faux gemstones from costume jewelries that got broken.

You can also tear some fabrics in your old clothes and use some parts to add texture to your pages. Broken chains and ribbons in dresses can also be reused as borders and linings.


Papered memories

If you are the type who keeps absolutely everything for the memories, you can actually fill up a whole scrapbook without having to buy anything.

For instance, bus tickets, movies tickets, concert tickets and even parking tickets that remind you of special occasions can be used as decorations for scrapbooks.

The same goes with any kind of receipts. Greeting cards are another great source of graphics and decorations.

Scrapbooking – As A Fun Family Project

Working together to create an album of fond memories, is a fantastic way to spend a rainy afternoon or a cold winter’s night. Scrapbooking can become a favorite family activity.

best Scrapbooking for Kids
best scrapbooking for kids

Whether it be a recent vacation, sporting event, birthday, holiday, or various other occasions, using your pictures to put a scrapbook album together is a perfect way to display your photos, while spending quality time together.

The kids love to sort through pictures, old or new, and help to create a family heirloom. There are many aspects of scrapbooking that children can easily assist with.

For example, they enjoy using the special design scissors, picking out the photos and decorative paper, and applying them to the photo pages. The all-time favorite task, however, seems to be applying the fun stickers to the page.

If the children are old enough, they may also like to journal the pages with captions or thoughts explaining the pictures or moods

How many boxes of photos do you have stashed away in a closet or a drawer? You can use this family activity idea to put those pictures to good use instead of them just being stored away.

The process can sometimes go like this. You enjoy a great week at the beach, and return home to drop off your film for developing.

After 2 days or so, you pick up the developed pictures and reminisce about your vacation and how much fun everyone had. The pictures are then placed back in the envelope and stored in a box (to be placed in a photo album at a later time).

Several months or even a year goes by, and the photos are still in a box in the closet. Sound familiar? Maybe not to everyone, but many of us do something similar to this.


Certainly not intentionally, but as we all know, our overloaded schedules sometimes prevent us from doing the things we mean to do.

Another benefit of scrapbooking your photos is the acid-free system. Using a scrapbook album and paper supplies that are acid-free,

protects your pictures from fading and discoloring. You definitely want to protect your photo investment and special memories with your loved ones.

If your photos are placed in a scrapbook in a fun and creative way, you are more likely to store the album on a bookshelf or table. The scrapbooking album then becomes a great decoration that will be a wonderful conversation piece.

After all, our most treasured times are with family and friends, and the photos that are taken at these moments, should be enjoyed.

Creative Scrapbooking Albums For Your Pets

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve your cherished memories. For many people their pets are an important part of the family,

best Scrapbooking for Kids
best scrapbooking for kids

so it is just natural to want to capture those special times shared with a beloved pet. You can use your favorite scrapbooking tools to make unique pages that you can enjoy for years to come.

As always, make sure the scrapbooking materials you use are acid and lignin free. You’ll need the typical scrapbooking supplies such as an album, cut-outs, stickers, letter rub-ons, and any other creative embellishments you desire.

Choose things related to your pet such as dog breed stickers or cat themed papers. Creating scrapbook pages for your pets is also a great way to get the kids involved.

To get started, you’ll need to have some good photos of your pet. Try taking pictures from a variety of different angles and include your pet with different members of the family. If your dog has a favorite toy, include some special pictures of that as well.

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Then by all means include some “birthday” photos in the scrapbook. My children even celebrate the birthdays of our fish!

Here are some fun theme ideas for creating your pet’s scrapbook.

Focus on “the firsts”. If you are fortunate enough to get your pet while he or she is still a baby, then create a scrapbook album around the “firsts”.

Even if you adopted your pet when it was older you can still create some great “first” scrapbook pages.


Create a scrapbook page or album around your pet’s first bath, coming home, first holidays, first visit to the park, first car ride, etc.

Another great scrapbook theme is “A Day In The Life of ________” which would include pages about your pet’s morning routines, nap time, meal time, play time and favorite toys, and outdoor time. Trace your pet’s paw print and include that in the pages too!

A theme around “pet favorites” is also a fun idea. Take photos and create pages around your pet’s favorite activities.

For a cat you might include pages on favorite toys and favorite nap places. For a dog, choose photos of favorite outdoor play or playtime with favorite toys.

Whatever kind of pet you have, you can enjoy creating special scrapbook pages that you will enjoy for years to come!

Reunion with Scrapbooking Kits

Bonding with kids is important for their emotional quotient. Sharing moments with them like going out, joining activities in school,

best crafting with kids
best scrapbooking for kids

and simply having great dinner in fancy restaurants with them are just some of the affairs they remember worthwhile as a child growing up with parents. How about indoors?

There is one activity parent and child could engage doing at home without thinking of mistakes and errors. That is kit scrapbooking.

Fancy ready-made scrapbook kits are sold online. Some of them have additional items like stencils, camera, paints, colors, stickers and many other ready to tweak stuff. It could cost but what matters is the activity it could give to a child.

It promotes bonding while spending the time together. Most of these scrapbook kits are to be assembled with instructions.

For such an activity, the child is inclined to follow what was instructed, with mommy’s help. What is fun is expecting the outcome of the project.

You can never lose with scrapbooking kits because they could be kept as a nice remembrance of the shared moment.

How would feel as an adult looking at a scrapbook kit you assembled with your mom when you were just 6 years old? You could just imagine the wonder and joy it can remind you of the good old days!

If you don’t want to spend a single cent in scrapbooking kit, why not make you own set? You can start making the layout of your scrapbook by occasion.

If you really have serious passion with scrapbooking, it takes a good mood to list down ideas on how you will start with making workable templates. You can list down important events that happen most of the time in your yearly routines like the following:

CHILD’S BIRTHDAY – if you have more than one sibling, you can decide on working a template based on their favorite colors,


do sketches on how you will come up with each child’s theme and decide to finish the layout later. You can also make a pink theme for girls and blue for boys.

ANNIVERSARIES – you can make concept for you and your husband’s yearly celebration. You can provide space for memorable pictures, cards, and dried flowers, which you can insert for the scrapbook.

No formalities needed as long as the layout is organized and worth to cherish and will look unique in each glance.

SEASONS – Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations may be the busiest times of the year. Cards may flood in for everyone in the family.

It takes some thinking to realize you may also provide a space even for the stamps used in sending the snail mails.

You should also keep dedications with dates. These are good elements to work on with a template for an effective scrapbooking Christmas kit.

HALLOWEEN – could be the coolest themes you can have for scrapbooks. Lots of pictures and fun images could go well with a template. Kids are definitely interested in looking at their spooky photos attached to a good scrapbook.

You can create a kit by working with scanned images you can use even in the future and for mass production, which you can distribute to involved relatives.

Yes, creating scrapbooking kits may be all about distributing the template for beloved relatives who shared important memories with you. You could collect images, reproduce them by scanning, make instructions and compile them in kits.

Send them to at least 5 to 10 relatives. Call a reunion and require them to bring and show each other the assembled kits. Isn’t that a fun idea?

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