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best kids thanksgiving crafts today

best kids thanksgiving crafts today

Most of the kids Thanksgiving crafts that are suggested on Internet web sites center around home made turkeys.

Perhaps that is because the turkey is what we most associate with Thanksgiving. But when you look around for kids Thanksgiving crafts to make,

you can also find crafts that feature pilgrims as well as ways for your child to concentrate on being thankful for the things they have been given.

When you bring out ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts, you are able to get your child involved in the holiday and spend some real quality time with them as you create the crafts together.

Here are some ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts you may want to try with your child.

We think it is very special when you are able to use your child’s hand or foot prints to make kids Thanksgiving crafts because you can make this a tradition from year to year and watch how your child has grown.

Take a piece of brown construction paper and trace around your child’s foot. Do not trace the toes! Then trace your child’s hand with fingers slightly splayed out and do trace around the fingers.

Make several of these from yellow, red, and orange construction paper. The heel of your child’s footprint is the head of a turkey.


Arrange the hands behind the turkey to make feathers and glue into place. Take a strip of brown construction paper and accordion fold for legs.

Cut out feet from yellow construction paper. Glue to the bottom of the turkey. Have your child draw on a face and you have a really cute Thanksgiving turkey! Don’t forget to write the date and age of your child on the back!

Being thankful is the reason for the Thanksgiving holiday, so one of the kids Thanksgiving crafts that we like is a thankful wreath. Have your child make a thankful wreath to celebrate the season.

Start with a paper plate and cut out a half circle from the center of it. Under the horizontal cut, write the words “I Am Thankful For…” Then draw some leaf shapes on construction paper and cut them out.

Have your child write down things that they are giving thanks for on this Thanksgiving Day and then glue the leaves around the plate covering it like a wreath.

Hang the wreath on your door or someplace where it is clearly visible so your child remembers how blessed he or she is.

You can find many more kids Thanksgiving crafts in many places on the Internet.

If you want, however, you can also just use your own imagination and creativity to change common household items into kids Thanksgiving crafts. Then enjoy the time you spend together crafting!

Free Thanksgiving cards and crafts

Thanksgiving is a holiday that we celebrate just like any other, so making free Thanksgiving cards and crafts should be part of your holiday routine. There are many craft ideas available to you to help commemorate Thanksgiving.

best kids thanksgiving crafts today
best kids thanksgiving crafts today

Do a quick Google search for “free Thanksgiving cards and crafts” and you will find many web sites that will give you ideas for crafts and cards to make that will make your home look festive for the occasion.

Here are a couple free Thanksgiving cards and crafts ideas that we found.

We don’t usually think of sending Thanksgiving cards like we do Christmas card, but when we can’t be with loved ones at Thanksgiving, we should let them know we are thinking of them!

You can make a cute Thanksgiving card with some construction paper and some green leaves by doing leaf rubbings or leaf prints.

We recommend you use heavy paper – either card stock or poster board. There are two ways to use leaves to decorate a Thanksgiving card.

First, you can take a regular piece of paper and fold it in half. Place a leaf inside the folded paper and use colored pencils or crayons to rub over the leaf thus showing the print. Then, cut out the image and paste it to the front of your card.

You can also use some poster paint to paint the veined side of the leaf. To make it unique, use different colors in the leaf.


Very carefully, lift up the leaf and place the paint side down on the front of the card. Press down so that the paint is transferred and then lift the leaf straight up so the paint does not smear. After the paint is dry, decorate the card and write what you want to say on the inside!

Another free Thanksgiving cards and crafts idea we like is to make stained glass turkeys. Start by painting a regular paper plate brown.

While the paint is drying, use different colored construction paper to cut out large feathers. These can be as detailed as you want them to be, but we recommend making them simple by just drawing an elongated oval.

Make about six of these feathers and then cut out the inside about an inch from the edge. With a glue stick, apply glue to the outside edges and place a piece of tissue paper or colored cellophane over and press to stick. Trim around the edges.

Then glue the feathers to the paper plate and draw on a turkey face or use construction paper scraps to make a face, feet, and legs. These look great hanging in a window where the sun can shine through the feathers.

Look around the Internet for more great free Thanksgiving cards and crafts. Then craft away for a festive holiday!

Pumpkin crafts for kids

While pumpkins are usually the symbol for Halloween, they can also be used at Thanksgiving time when you find pumpkin crafts for kids that pertain to Thanksgiving.

best kids thanksgiving crafts today
best kids thanksgiving crafts today

Gourds, pumpkins, and squash are in plentiful supply after Halloween and the Pilgrims and Indians used pumpkins in their Thanksgiving feast, so why not find Thanksgiving pumpkin crafts for kids?

One of the great pumpkin crafts for kids we like is to take a small pumpkin and poke some holes in the back part of it near the top.

Then stick a bunch of lollipops into the holes to make turkey feathers. You can then use a black marker to draw on a turkey face or use construction paper to make the face. Just be creative with this craft and turn that pumpkin into a turkey with a little imagination.

Here is another one of the cute pumpkin crafts for kids we found. If you know someone who is a wood worker, or if you know your own way around a jigsaw, take some wood and make some feathers.

This works best with thicker wood. Just draw an elongated oval shape and cut out of the wood.

Then paint them in different colors. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the feather after the paint has dried, and insert pegs in the bottom. Then push the pegs into the back of the pumpkin near the top.

You can also craft a 3 dimensional turkey head out of the wood and insert the pegs into it as well. Just push it into the pumpkin too and you have a cute turkey made out of a pumpkin!

We eat pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, right? Most people use the canned pumpkin to make their pies, but some people actually use the real thing which involves cleaning out the inside of a pumpkin and taking out the meat for the pie filling.

That leaves you with an empty pumpkin shell that you can use as part of your pumpkin crafts for kids arsenal.

We carve our pumpkins for Halloween, you can also carve a pumpkin for Thanksgiving too. Print out a Thanksgiving coloring page that you like of a Thanksgiving scene whether it is of a family having dinner or the Pilgrims and Indians sitting down to break bread.

Use a carving saw and detailing tool and use the carved pumpkin for a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table.

There are many other pumpkin crafts for kids that you can find online if you use your favorite search engine.

Look around the Internet and experiment around with as many of the pumpkin crafts for kids for Thanksgiving and then decorate your house for the holiday!

Religious Thanksgiving crafts

Thanksgiving is not necessarily a religious holiday, but there are plenty of religious undertones to this time of year, so making religious Thanksgiving crafts makes sense to help commemorate this time of year.


We celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks for all that we have been given by the Lord above. When we are thinking about making religious Thanksgiving crafts, the focus should be on what we are thankful for.

So here are a few ideas for some religious Thanksgiving crafts that will help you remember that we are all truly blessed and that we should give thanks on this special holiday!

One of the best ways that you can remember what you are thankful for is to make a thankful wreath. Start with a regular paper plate.

Do not use one of the Styrofoam ones – just a regular paper plate. In the middle you need to cut horizontally through the middle and then around the top to make a half circle.

Then take various colors of construction paper and have your child or children make leaf shapes. The more creative they want to be, the better.

On each leaf, they should write down something that they are thankful for. Get involved with your kids too. This is not just a kid craft. You have plenty to be thankful for as well, don’t you?

Once you have your leaves completed, you are almost ready to complete this religious Thanksgiving crafts.

Just below the horizontal line in the center of the paper plate, write, “God has been good to me, and I am thankful for…..” Then glue the leaves around the edges of the paper plate. You can then hang your thankful wreath wherever you want.

When you really think about it, there are lots of things to be thankful for, so go crazy with this religious Thanksgiving crafts and make sure that everyone knows you embrace your blessings!

There are many web sites on the Internet that can give you ideas for some religious Thanksgiving crafts that are easy to make and fun to do for the whole family.

When you are celebrating Thanksgiving, you want to remember what you are thankful for and the great blessings that God has given you.

There is no better way to do that than with religious Thanksgiving crafts to help decorate your home and remind you of all that you have and all that you can expect!

Arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving

It is never too early to start children with fun art projects, which is why you need to get some ideas for arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving.


Even these little guys can create fun arts and crafts for the Thanksgiving holiday that can decorate both the classroom as well as your own home.

Arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving projects are not as difficult as you might think because most children in kindergarten can use scissors, glue, and color. Here are a few we are fans of:

A great project for arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving is to make a Thanksgiving card for them to take home.

All you need is a piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Have the child trace his or her hand on the front of the card. Let them color the thumb brown which is the turkey’s head.

This is a side view, by the way. The fingers are the turkey feathers and they should be multi-colored. Have them draw on an eye and a red wattle. On the inside of the card, have this poem pre-printed and let them paste it in:

This isn’t just a Turkey
As anyone can see,
I made it with my hand
Which is part of me.

It comes with lots of love
Especially to say,
I hope that you have a very

Here is a great arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving project that will take a little time to prepare but will be awfully special for the big day.

Go outside and find a small twig with a few branches still on it. In an empty, clean soup can, pour in plaster of Paris and stick the twig into the center. Let dry. Have several leaves available that are cut out of construction paper.

Every morning, have the child write something they are thankful for and then hang from the tree. If you start this out at the beginning of November, by Thanksgiving Day, you’ll have a great table center piece!

Get together a lot of ideas for arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving. If you are a teacher, try a few different ones each year.

If you are a parent, you have new ideas from year to year. Either way, you will have some great crafts you can count on as your child grows because even though they are arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving, your child can still make them at any age, they just look better and better as time moves on!

Free Thanksgiving crafts

If you need some ideas as to what you can do to make your house look more festive at Thanksgiving, you may want to look on the Internet for some free Thanksgiving crafts ideas.

pexels michel serpa 5294045

There are all sorts of web sites that have a lot of great free Thanksgiving crafts for you to try when the mood strikes you.

Many of these free Thanksgiving crafts are kid-friendly, and you can spend some great quality time with your child as you make memories and keepsakes of a very special time of the year. Here are a few free Thanksgiving crafts to get you started.

This project is easy for even young children and it looks great when it is hung on a window where sun can shine through it.

Make stained glass turkeys for your first free Thanksgiving crafts project. You will need brown paint, a paper plate, brown, orange, and red construction paper, tissue paper or cellophane, and glue.

Cut five or six large feathers from the brown construction paper and about one inch from the edge, cut out the inside of the feather.

Apply glue around the edge of the feather and then lay on top of the tissue paper or cellophane. Trim around the edges.

Paint the paper plate brown and attach the turkey feathers. You can either draw on a face or cut out the face parts from construction paper.

You can get all sorts of free Thanksgiving crafts online when you look around. Here’s another one that we were able to find.

While we are big fans of turkey crafts, the holiday is meant to celebrate the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims and the Indians got together for a feast.

So, here is another idea for Thanksgiving arts and crafts that you can do to commemorate them. All you need is some paper and some paint for this project.


For the Native American paint the palm of the hand with a med brown paint (or any color you want.) and paint each finger a different color. Press on the paper.

The use a paint brush and any color paint to ad the head band just below the feathers.  For the Pilgrim paint the palm of the hand light brown and the middle three fingers black. 

Use a paint brush to add a black line of paint for the hat brim.  After the paint is dry, have your child add the facial features. These make great placemats for Thanksgiving dinner too!

That should get you started, but there are tons and tons of free Thanksgiving crafts that you can find on the Internet when you do a quick Google search.

Print them out and have them on hand for when you need some quick craft ideas to keep your kids busy and want to decorate the house.

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