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best kids easter baskets

best kids easter baskets

Each year we celebrate Easter, but I worry about putting together kids Easter baskets for my daughter.

Though I only get her one, I know that my mother is going to get her one as well, and I have to tell her what I want her to get so she does not fill the entire thing with candy.

I allow my daughter to have a little candy, but there is a limit. Most of the candy she gets will end up in the trash, so there is no sense in buying a lot when something else might be more useful.

OrganiHaus Set of 4 Rope Woven Baskets for Storage
OrganiHaus Set of 4 Rope Woven Baskets for Storage

The problem I have with kids Easter baskets is the candy. Candy is great, we all know that, but we also know that there is no need to have a lot of it.

Not only is it empty calories, some children are nuts when given too much sugar, and one of those children is mine.

When I go out to buy her kids Easter baskets, I made sure I know what is in it, and what I can get out of it before I give it to her. Some years I have had to make my own because I haven’t found anything that I like.

If you want less candy in your kids Easter baskets, you can make your own like I did, or look for ones that have different things in them.

You can get a lot of great springtime items to put in the basket. As long as they find at least some candy in their baskets they are going to be fine with the rest being missing.

If they don’t know, they certainly aren’t going to complain. If you think about what is coming with springtime, you can come up with some great ideas to make your own kids Easter baskets.

Last year, I filled up a huge basket for my daughter. I put in a chocolate bunny for her because I think no basket is complete without one.

I also got her some jelly beans, but that was all of the candy that I added. I also got some sidewalk chalk, a kite, bubbles, and some sidewalk paint.

We then added some flip flops and some sunglasses, along with a blow up toy for the summer time. She was pleased with what she got, and she got great use out of each of the items.

If you want to make kids Easter baskets with less candy, you can use the same items. They are guaranteed to be hits.

Gift Baskets A Great Way to Celebrate Easter

Easter is such a special time of year. I can recall fond memories of Easters past when my mother and father would hide brightly colored eggs in the yard and send my sisters and I out to find them.

best kids easter baskets
best kids easter baskets

What joy we had running around the yard, looking in every nook and cranny for the eggs we had hand decorated together as a family.

As I recall, whoever found the most always received a special gift, usually a dollar or two. That was a lot of money to us kids in those days.

After the hunt, we would eat dinner together and then my parents would give each of us an Easter basket.

They were smart to make sure we had dinner first, knowing full well that we would never touch our food if we were given the baskets beforehand.

I can still recall the happiness we shared, eating our chocolates, jelly beans, marshmallow candies and other sweet treats. I think I always enjoyed digging through the plastic green “grass” the most.

It was like discovering gold to dig through the basket and find one of the last few treats which had fallen to the bottom.


Today, I get just as much enjoyment from watching my children having the same fun I had as a child. It’s wonderful to view the next generation enjoying the traditions of the past that still remain so much part of our culture.

Today, however, I give Easter gift baskets to my children, my siblings, and close friends every year at this time. They’re wonderful for the kids and the adults all appreciate them as well since,

like me, they remember the joy of getting an Easter basket. Easter gift baskets are filled with delectable treats that both children and adults can enjoy.

I order enough for my friends and family and my extended family as well since Easter gift baskets can be shipped anywhere.

I find that they make a great gift for kids or for the kid in all of us. This year, I may even order one for myself. I may be older, but I still have a sweet tooth!

Easter Basket Ideas

What does one place in Easter baskets for different age groups? Does it have to be candy and chocolate rabbits?

best kids easter baskets
best kids easter baskets

Does it have to eggs and jellybeans? According to modern times, the answer is No.

Taking a poll of people is always interesting because you never know how it will turn out. Here are some of the answers received when I asked “What do you place in an Easter basket?”

Books – Some kids and adults love to read. Why not encourage them by getting a favorite novel?

CD’s and DVD’s – These fit nicely in baskets and will last longer than the chocolate eggs.

Movie tickets – So you yourself can have a nice quiet Easter at home. Let the kids go out and paint the town.

Toiletries – Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant, and Lotions all make a great smelling basket and loved one.

Candles and Bubble Bath – For the special lady to sit back and relax on Easter night.

Money – This is always a great idea according to my son.

Clothes – Bulky, but you can always place the items in a box underneath the basket.

Socks and Booties – These help keep the feet toasty warm on the winter nights.

Candy – Use this sparingly as filler between the items in the basket. You must also include at least one chocolate rabbit.


Video Games – These also fit in the baskets and can help the kids spend what would be a boring afternoon waiting for Easter dinner to be done to have loads of fun instead.

Jewelry – My favorite and always a winning idea.

Crafts and Fabric – For the artsy person in your life, they will have several idea what to do with it the second they see it.

Disposable Cameras – For taking pictures, and most importantly, to make some lasting memories.

Bible – Perhaps the most needed thing, so you can read the Easter story to the kids.

Oodles of ideas, but you only have one small basket. Choices are quite hard to make sometimes.

Easter Traditions On A Budget

Every year moms scramble to find just the right easter basket. Will it be the sports easter basket for $20 or the Spiderman one for who know how much? When did easter gifts become so expensive?

best kids easter baskets
best kids easter baskets

The average family has 2.4 children and easter gifts can break a budget in a hurry. Here are some wonderful easter memory creating ideas that won’t break the bank.

1. Bunny Paw prints
Grab an old shoe box lid and cut out big bunny paw print to make a stencil . On “Easter Eve” use the stencil to make paw prints through your house by sprinkling baking soda in the stencil. Turn it over to make left and right feet. (the baking soda vacuums up off the carpet)

2. Easter Eggstravaganza
For most kidseaster is not easter without decorating eggs. This year instead of letting the kids have all the fun, start a tradition that involves the whole family.

Throw an annual Easter egg decorating contest. Choose enough categories so everyone gets a chance to win. Some categories might be: funniest egg, most original egg, scariest egg, or celebrity egg.

The wackier the categories, the more fun you will have decorating and judging. Ask everyone to submit an egg and display them on the kitchen table.

Ask Grandma and Grandpa to be the judges. Before you know it, you will have trouble finding judges because everyone will want to decorate an egg!


3. Follow the Ribbon
This is a simple tradition that doesn’t take much preparation. All you will need to do is buy some narrow inexpensive ribbon from a local craft store.

Choose a different color for each member of the family (15 to 25 yards per person depending on how crazy you want this to be).

Once the kids are in bed, tie a ribbon to each of their hidden baskets and wind them in and out of the furniture and the other ribbons until you can’t see where they began.

Bring the ends to one central location (perhaps the kitchen table) as a place where your family can begin the entangled maze to find their baskets. Before you know it, everyone will be tangled in ribbons and laughs.

4. The Big People Egg Hunt
On Easter Sunday, gather the adults together and have them each hide one or more eggs somewhere on themselves.

It might be in Grandma’s apron pocket, Uncle Bob’s boots, behind Dad’s glasses, or under Grandpa’s hat. This hunt isn’t just for the little ones, it involves everyone and is a wonderful way to connect the generations.

Your family will be sure to get a laugh as the kids poke around looking for hidden eggs. No one and no place is considered out of bounds. You’ll definitely want your video camera ready for this Easter Egg Hunt.

5. Personalize Letter from the Easter Bunny!
What child does not get excited about getting mail? How about a personalized letter to your child from the Easter Bunny.

This letter will be mailed directly to you child and talk about how mom and dad have told the easter bunny that he/she has been good. What an exciting memory for your child!

Easter baskets and gifts do not have to ruin your budget in order for them to be meaningful. These are just a few ways in which you can start some family easter traditions with your family.
Here’s to a wonderful traditions filled Easter!

Easter Crafts

With the spring coming, it is time to think about bunnies, eggs, flowers, and chicken salad. I am talking about Easter, of course.

best kids easter baskets
best kids easter baskets

In my family, Easter crafts are one of our favorite traditions. After all, what kids do not like painting, hiding, and then eating Easter eggs.

Even my youngest daughter – the one who hates to eat eggs – still likes Easter eggs. Of course, it does not hurt matters that we hide a few chocolate eggs along with all of the decorated ones.

The most classic Easter craft is, of course, decorating Easter eggs. There must be a hundred different ways to do this, and every year we try to do something a little different. For the little kids, the easiest thing to do is to use food coloring and water to decorate your eggs.

Although this does not result in the most sophisticated Easter crafts, it does make the eggs look bright and even a bit pretty.

Even better, it is something that your kids can do without making a big mess. Who does not like that?

One of my favorite Easter crafts is making Easter baskets. In my house, every year we make baskets for the old folks in the retirement home down the road.

They are always so happy to get our presents. We use ribbons, Easter lilies, decorated Easter eggs, and chocolates of all descriptions.

We make them little cards, and wrap the whole thing in colored cellophane. It can bring a lot of cheer to some otherwise lonely souls, and that is a nice thing to be able to do.


When it comes to Easter crafts, you do not have to just simply stick to the traditional ones. Making Easter cards is every bit as fun as decorating eggs.

In our family, we collect a lot of stencils, rubber stamps, and things like that. When Easter roles around, we put all of them together and dump them in the middle of the table.

Then we just go at our stationary, decorating it in whatever way we choose. The results of our Easter crafts are not always that attractive, but we have fun making them.

At the end, we exchange cards and have a nice dinner. Can you think of a nicer way to spend a family afternoon than that? Making things together somehow really brings people together in a way that nothing else does.

Healthy Easter Treats – Easter Bunnies Bring More Than Chocolate Eggs

Easter baskets don’t have to be full of chocolate and peeps. Here are some great ideas that will fill your Easter basket without all the extra fat and sugar.

best kids easter baskets
best kids easter baskets


What child doesn’t love to blow bubbles? Grab a couple of bottles of bubbles for this year’s Easter basket. The kids will have a blast with them and with a

little luck it will be warm enough outside to keep them busy and running around chasing bubbles for quite some time.

Sidewalk Chalk

Another fun treat is sidewalk chalk. This is the perfect time to draw on the sidewalk with the weather warming up. Plus we get enough rain in the spring that your driveway or sidewalk won’t be decorated for too long.

Homemade Playdough

Make some playdough using your favorite homemade playdough recipe (we have one at Get a couple of small playdough toys to go along with it and let the fun begin.

Toys from the Dollar Store

You can also pick up some very inexpensive toys at the dollar store. I have found anything from Easter themed coloring books to kites in there.

This is also a great place to shop for the Easter baskets themselves, as well as some plastic Easter eggs that are great for hiding small trinkets and treats.

Of course every child should have some special treats in the Easter basket as well. Along with the obligatory chocolate bunny, include some healthier treats.

Chocolate and Yogurt Covered Raisins

Both chocolate and yogurt covered raisins look like little mini Easter eggs and are a yummy treat. Fill a small cellophane bag with these sweet treats and tie a pretty bow around it.


Trail Mix with Jellybeans

Mix some low sugar cereal like chex, or cheerios with some small pretzels, peanuts, raisins, and some jellybeans for an Easter inspired Trail Mix.

You don’t have to feel bad about your kids filling up on this. Pour your trail mix in a small bag, or fill some large plastic Easter eggs with the mix.

10 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Easter Gathering

Each year here in the United States, the celebrations of the Easter Holiday tend to take on two distinctly different meanings. Traditionally, the celebration of Easter is about the resurrection of Christ.

Best Joy For Kids
best kids easter baskets

However, celebrating Easter as a secular holiday is all about the Easter Bunny and eggs. Whether you are a religious family who celebrates

Christ’s resurrection, or you choose to have the day be about Easter egg and basket hunts, here are ten tips for making your Easter gathering a success:

Tip #1 – As with planning for any party, you want to plan your Easter Sunday gathering as far in advance as possible.

People often tend to make plans for holiday celebrations many months in advance, and the last thing you want to happen is to plan a party and then find out that all of your potential guests are unavailable.

Tip #2 – It is important to plan your menu for Easter early as well. You will find many special deals on foods such as ham and roasts near the Easter holiday.

By planning ahead, you will know which deals to be on the lookout for. To save yourself time and a lot of aggravation make sure to write down a list of things you will need.

Tip #3 – Make sure that when you are planning your Easter gathering, or any other party for that matter, that you give yourself enough time to plan and shop.

You will not want to be in a grocery store the week before Easter because the entire rest of your town will all be there.

If you have some lead-time, then you can avoid the last-minute crowds. Also, you do not want to plan your menu and then find that the store is out of a key ingredient which you need.

Tip #4 – If you want to use dyed eggs as decoration, make sure you dye your eggs a couple days before your event. If you don’t, then you might be hosting your party with weird colored fingers.


Tip #5 – If you will be having an Easter Egg hunt for the children in attendance, you might want to consider purchasing some plastic eggs which you can add small toys and candy inside of. This makes you less likely to loose an egg which will smell if you don’t find it in time.

Tip #6 – If you will be cooking a large meal, try cooking everything you can the day before. At the least prepare anything the day before which you can. This will save both your time and your energy on the holiday.

Tip #7 – When you home is packed full of your friends and family; accept their help when they offer it. Remember, the party is for you too and by allowing people to help you, you can enjoy your own party as well.

Tip #8 – If there will be a lot of children at your Easter party, have some fun activities which they can work on to keep them busy and out of trouble. You can always offer a prize for the best craft project, or whatever, to give them a sense of competition and to help them spend more time working on their projects.

Tip # 9 – If you will be making Easter baskets, the best place you can find the baskets are at your local dollar store or thrift stores.

Both of these offer you a great basket selection at a very low price. You can give the baskets to the kids, or you can have the kids build the baskets and then deliver them to a local charity or homeless shelter.

Tip #10 – Don’t forget the less fortunate at Easter time. If you have excess food in your pantry, take some of it to your local food pantry so that those who are hungry in your community can enjoy a good meal for the holiday.

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