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Best best hawaii vacation with kids

best hawaii vacation with kids

There couldn’t be a more relaxing vacation spot than Hawaii.


There are lots of activities on both the land and in the water.

The landscape provides the perfect backdrop for all sorts of outdoor activities. There will be plenty of things for the kids to do, so bring them with you.

The whole family will love boogie boarding or body surfing on one of the great beaches in Hawaii, like world famous Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki even has a cheeseburger in paradise restaurant. The kids will love it. They can get any kind of toppings they want on these world famous burgers. Don’t forget the Honolulu zoo. It is a small city zoo, but it’s worth taking a tour.

The flamingo pond in the front is sure to please the kids and will offer a great photo taking opportunity. The Waikiki Aquarium is another fun family stop.

It has a touch pond for the viewing pleasure of the kids and adults alike. Lastly, the bishop museum is worth taking a tour.

They have demonstrations on the art of making lei’s as well as hula dancing performances. Before leaving the island take the kids to visit the world famous beaches of the North Shore. It’s worth the drive to see the very beaches where world class surfers congregate.

When visiting Maui a sure bet is the Maui Ocean Center, home to the largest tropical fish aquarium in the United States.

The dolphin statues out front make a great background for a souvenir photo. Don’t forget to check out the whaling museum located in Lahaina.

If you are visiting during the winter months go ahead and take a whale watching tour from the Lahaina harbor. It’s sure to please. The beaches at the resort are of Ka’anapali are fun for kids as well.


Most of these resorts have awesome pools for little swimmers. Some even have water parks within the hotel themselves. Parents should take advantage of the kids programs at these resorts for some quiet time to themselves.

On the big island of Hawaii take a drive through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You can see active volcanoes and possibly some lava flow from the comfort and safety of your own rental car. Next take a ride over to Waimea and take the kids for a horseback ride through the valley.

You could do an all day excursion complete with lunch, or perhaps just pony rides for the little kids. Lastly you could go to North Kohala and try kayaking. This is a great place for beginners.

The island of Molokai will offer some good old fashioned rest and relaxation in an authentic Hawaiian atmosphere.

You could rent mountain bikes and explore the island together. Be careful, however, not to go too far off the trails, because it’s easy to get lost on the mostly undeveloped island.

On this island you should consider renting a house so the kids will have plenty of room to spread out. Also there aren’t too many hotel options here on Molokai.

Fun Activities in Hawaii

No matter if it’s your first visit or you’ve lost track of how many times you’ve been there, you’ll never run out of fun activities in Hawaii.

Hawaii Vacation with Kids
best hawaii vacation with kids

It’s probably a good idea to plan ahead of time and book your outings online while you plan the rest of the trip to avoid long lines and price hikes.

Find complete guides to all Hawaii activities and tours at a number of online travel services featuring the most popular packages.

An underwater adventure is a breathtaking way to experience the world of the Pacific Ocean and view some of the beautiful sea life that resides there.

The food throughout the Islands is fantastic, and no visit would be complete without a spectacular sunset dinner cruise or traditional luau to indulge our senses in the flavors of Hawaii.

Things to do in Hawaii are endless, and you’ll find yourself struggling to decide what you want to do first. First off, check into Hawaii vacation activities for kids, families, and honeymooners alike on Oahu, Maui, Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai.

You can also make reservations online for helicopter tours, sightseeing adventures, sunset dinner cruises, luaus, snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, surfing, sport fishing, volcanoes, Pearl Harbor, and more.

To get started request free Hawaii travel guides, which are available from,,, and, where you’ll get instant access to a large selection of the best sightseeing tours and fun activities in Hawaii.

Many sightseeing companies offer incentives like ‘buy one get two’ for one low price with combination activity packages that will stretch your vacation dollars.

Make the most of your stay and your budget with great travel packages and discounts available online to experience the best the Islands have to offer.

You’re guaranteed to fall in love with Hawaii, so much that you’ll keep going back time after time. Visit Hawaii’s official tourism site,, for six family activities in Hawaii.


Visit the Kauai Children’s Discovery Museum in Kapaa for hands-on fun. Keiki (children) will love ‘Ohana (family) Adventure’ at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu.

And don’t forget Maui because Maui activities are some of the biggest activities in Hawaii like the Hawaii State Fair.

Find lots of fun things to do, and the best part of it is, is that many don’t require advance reservations, and for special occasions assistance is available to make your celebration memorable.

Hawaii Vacations – Is A Cruise The Best Way To Experience Hawaii?

Hawaii is an incredible vacation destination packed with pristine beaches, lush tropical rain forests, gorgeous waterfalls and spectacular volcanoes.

Hawaii Vacation with Kids
best hawaii vacation with kids

For the average person, with so much to see and so little time to see it on their one or two week vacation, planning an unforgettable Hawaiian vacation can be a challenge.

For that reason and others, Hawaiian cruises have become one of the more popular Hawaii vacations, especially for those who have not yet experienced the islands.

To help you decide whether or not a cruise is the best choice for your Hawaiian vacation, we’ve outlined some of the pros and cons that you should consider:


• Cruises take all of the hard work out of planning for your Hawaii vacations. As with all cruises, planning meals, entertainment, and logistics become somebody else’s concern- not yours! All you have to worry about is getting yourself to the ship.

• A cruise can be one of the most time-efficient and cost-effective ways to explore all of the major islands in one trip.

Most cruise companies make sure that at least three islands are built into your cruise itinerary. The ship generally travels while you are asleep, so you save valuable beach time, as well as the airfare you would have spent to fly between islands

• Hawaii cruise vacations ensure that you’ll get the opportunity to sample the local cuisine and participate in a traditional Hawaiian Luau. The downside to most Hawaiian cruises is that you eat the majority of your meals on the boat.

• Nightlife on Hawaiian cruises generally tends to trump the quiet scene onshore. If you’re bringing the kids or just like to live it up at night, a cruise could be the way to go.



• Sightseeing on cruise ships is limited to the time you spend on shore each day. Some of the best sight seeing requires at least a full day trip, which often is not possible from a cruise ship.

• Although Hawaii is beautiful, its ports unfortunately are not. If first impressions tend to color your impression of a place, this might be a reason to avoid a cruise on your Hawaii vacations.

• On a cruise, you’ll miss out on some of Hawaii’s great dining options. That said, the food on most Hawaiian cruises is not too shabby!

Now that you’ve got some of the pros and cons behind taking a cruise for future Hawaii vacations, you can choose whether or night a Hawaiian cruise would give you the best Hawaiian vacation experience.

Here’s our suggestion:

Whether or not you’re a first timer to the islands, combine a cruise package with a few nights on land. That way, you can experience the best of both worlds with your Hawaii vacations.

Vacation Packages…just book-it…and enjoy it.

Vacation packages can be of different kinds, depending on the destination. Las Vegas is the place to escape from all sense of convention known by all as “The Gambling and Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Hawaii Vacation with Kids
best hawaii vacation with kids

In recent years the attractions have expanded to include theme parks, family activities, excellent shopping, spas and world-class golfing.

The whole world comes to Vegas to let loose and, in turn, you find yourself happily lost in a skylines from all the great cities of the earth.

If you didn’t know better, you might think it was some strange desert mirage and Who knows, Elvis might still be in the building!

Disney vacation packages, Hawaii vacation packages, and all inclusive vacation packages, can offer you a great deal.

How about Orlando vacation packages? A good travel agent can also help you with all this. Some package will handle virtually everything.

For the same price you would pay for a hotel, a vacation rental home can offer you a lot more. Aside from the traditional accommodations, you will often get more space and amenities, a great alternative for family vacation package with kids.

Vacation packages in Hawaii, includes the best honeymoon location in the world. No place else on Earth is as romantic. With almost limitless attractions and activities, this is the perfect location for family vacations.

It offers something for everyone – sports enthusiasts, beachcombers, adventure seekers . . . you name it!

Whatever you’re looking for, a well planned vacation package that includes covers all your concerns might be just what you’re looking for.

You Say Hawaii And I Say Kauai, Let’s Go Have Some Fun!

Kauai Hawaii has been a popular tourist and vacation destination for literally decades. Planning a vacation to anywhere in Hawaii will deliver you onto beautiful, clean beaches, natural scenery and a huge number of things to do and see.

Hawaii Vacation with Kids
best hawaii vacation with kids

When traveling, the thing to remember is that the trip is about a holiday or vacation. From the minute you enter the airplane until getting back home, your vacation should be focused on lowering the stress level in your life and getting balance back in your world.

Yes, it will cost more but in the end, the vacation will have done it’s job and you will leave Hawaii refreshed and ready to go back to your career or business.

By lowering the stress level, we’re talking about getting the services necessary to keep from having got concern yourself with any difficulties.

Take for example getting around at your destination of Kauai. You “could” rent a car and try to find you way around unfamiliar territory.

If getting lost, being late, dealing with traffic and the stress of other motorists is your idea of a vacation, go to New York City.

If however, getting to see the sights and enjoying the island is more like vacation time, consider using the services of a tour company, or even hire out a car and driver for an afternoon.


Another potential possibility is public transportation. It runs on a regular schedule and you get to people watch while getting around for almost no cash.

The car and driver is more expensive but they can get you around to see the local side of the island while the public transportation route takes you to the more popular areas.

Maybe using both on different days can give you the benefit of an enjoyable vacation without the worry of a car rental, gasoline, accidents, parking etc.

If you plan on doing some Kauai island sightseeing and need a car rental, consider one with limited miles and leave it at home whenever possible.

A weekly rental can cost a couple of hundred dollars but the you shouldn’t feel a need to use it everytime a short trip is in order.

Another idea to lower the stress level is to consider getting a condominium or rental until with a full kitchen. This is especially good if you’re traveling with kids.

A quick trip to the neighborhood food store can take care of the childrens eating issues and take you off the breakfast, lunch and dinner, time schedule.

Get food that’s easy to prepare and let the kids fend for themselves at least sometimes. This gives them a sense of independence and allows you to sleep in occasionally during the vacation.

The key to a fun and enjoyable Kauai vacation or any Hawaiian vacation, is to get out of the rut and schedule that’s your life back home.

Do different things, experiment, see new sights, enjoy a different culture. In all, a Kauai vacation can recharge your batteries and give a new outlook on your world back home

Hawaii Resorts

Hawaii, land of sun, sand and sea is an archipelago of eight volcanic islands and is located in the central Pacific Ocean. Hawaii became part of the United States in 1959.

Hawaii Vacation with Kids
best hawaii vacation with kids

Hawaii is a land of cliffs, caves, deep valleys and streams. It’s a world in itself situated over 2000 miles from the nearest landfall.

The Hawaiian Islands are geographically diverse with deserts, rainforests, volcanoes and snow capped mountains. The islands of Hawaii have 10 distinct climate zones, making it an exciting vacation destination.

On Hawaii’s Big Island, which is the driest and sunniest part, one of the more popular places to stay is the Outrigger Waikoloa.

This oceanfront resort will provide you with a memorable Hawaiian experience and sports a great beach, pool, Kids Club and snack bar. The snorkeling is great, and you can ride a glass-bottom boat to see whales, sea turtles and tropical fish.

On the Island of Maui, a favorite five-star resort is the Grand Wailea Resort, Hotel & Spa. It is renowned for its spa, pools and suites, with luxurious amenities and family activities.

The pool at this fabulous resort includes a 2,000-foot “river” that streams through nine separate pools, seven waterslides, waterfalls, caves, white-water rapids, grottos, spa, sauna and the world’s first water elevator.

The Island of Oahu attracts the most visitors and is home to the famous Waikiki Beach. One of the best five-star resorts in Oahu is Halekulani. This is considered the gem on the beach at Waikiki.


It has spectacular view of Diamond Head and offers impeccable service, wonderful cuisine and magnificent sunsets.

Obviously, there are many great places to stay in Hawaii, and we’ve only mentioned two. You can go online to any Hawaii travel agency or travel information site and find hundreds of resorts on all the Island of Hawaii.

There are wonderful five-star resorts, but there are also places that are more economical if you are traveling on a budget.

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