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best boating for kids

You’ve already got all the necessary boating supplies to make your boat legal, but what will you need for a really great boating getaway?

best boating for kids

Probably the most important part of boating for kids is to teach them boat safety.


Boating is an activity that the whole family can enjoy – especially kids. Boating safety is something they need to learn early so that they can carry it with them throughout their lives into adulthood.

The number one safety rule when boating with kids is that they must wear a personal flotation device (PFD) at all times. Accidents can happen no matter how careful you are.

The number one reason for drowning is when people are thrown overboard and are not wearing a PFD. Many kids can’t swim well enough to stay afloat in a traumatic situation like that, so the PFD will literally save their life in most scenarios.

Teach your kids about the equipment that must be on all boats and why that equipment is there. For example, the fire extinguisher must be there in case of a fire on the water.

Some kids think, “Why do we need a fire extinguisher when there’s water all around to put out the fire?” Explain to them that not all fires should be put out with water.

The boat runs on gas, and if a fire erupts, you should not put a gas fire out with water.

Boating safety for kids also entails letting them know what various distress signals are and why they are used. For example, flares indicate a stranded boat. A continuous foghorn means a problem on board, etc.

Older kids may want to try out steering the boat. This can be a very exciting time for them. Start them out slowly and above everything else, explain to them the “rules of the road” including which boats have the right of way and how to pass safely.

Plus, you should definitely stress to them to travel at a safe speed and not too fast to avoid accidents.

Kids should also know about basic first aid procedures. They should know not to move a person who might have a broken limb and even how to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation.

CPR might be a little advanced for younger kids, but older kids can learn CPR from a Red Cross first aid course.


When you are boating with kids, the experience can be great for all of you. It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach them about nature, water life, and so much more.

There are all sorts of boating trivia questions that kids will love to try and answer. Ask them why they think life jackets are orange and why they call the bathroom a head.

You can make a game of your day on the water while boating and teach your kids valuable lessons. Boating for kids is a great learning opportunity that will stay with them forever and ever!

Boating Vacation

Taking a boating vacation is a refreshing way to get away from your hectic life and relax on the water while communing with nature.

Boating for Kids
best boating for kids

 Boating enthusiasts say that a boating vacation is really the ultimate trip. You have a lot of options for your trip, and the possibilities really are endless.

Most people take a vacation to escape the stresses of everyday life. Some like to go hiking, others choose a tropical beach, and still others like the resort vacations. But a truly great way to find serenity and peace on your next vacation is to take a boating vacation.

The first step in planning your boating vacation is to pick a destination.

Have you always wanted to motor boat along the Mississippi River? Think that traveling the Gulf of Mexico would be an ideal getaway? Maybe you’d just be happy on a mountain lake lolling the days away on the water. The choice is up to you, and you have many.

If you already own a boat, you’ll just need to plan out a route to your destination and haul it there. If you don’t have a boat, that’s alright. You can still have a memorable boating vacation with a boat rental.

A lot of places where boating is popular have many places where you can rent a house boat, a cabin cruiser, even a speedboat. The rates are usually quite reasonable, and you’ll even get a quick boating lesson from the pros.


You have a lot of choices in activities during your boating vacation. Fishing is always a good choice for the angler in the family. You can seek out some secluded beaches and relax on the sand.

Water sports like skiing, wake boarding, and tubing are always popular during boating vacations. Or, you can choose to simply relax on the deck and take in the sights along the way.

Boating vacations are fun for the whole family – even the kids. Remember, that togetherness is what’s important, so when you plan a boating vacation for your family, make sure everyone can agree on the destination as well as the activities you will be doing.

Hopefully, there’s something to do that everyone will enjoy, and when you work together, your vacation will be a thrill!

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, plan a boating vacation. If you’re tired of worrying about all of the details of life, plan a boating vacation.

Just sit back and imagine the cool, clear water, the sounds of nature, and the beauty of a sunset from the deck. Then your boating vacation will be as unique and relaxing as you need it to be.

Boating Safety Course

If you are serious about boating, you really need to look into taking a boating safety course. When you are in charge of a powerful water craft on the water,

Best Boating for Kids
best boating for kids

it’s so very important to practice safe boating procedures for both you as well as your fellow boaters.

There are all sorts of boating safety courses available to you when you look around. Check with the local marina and ask about what they have scheduled.

If there is a boating club nearby, they will almost always offer a boating safety course for a small fee. These courses are usually taught by the club professional, so you’ll know you are getting some good advice.

Turn to the United States Coast Guard for some really great tips on boating safety. The courses that are sanctioned by the USCG are taught all around the country.

They take boating safety very seriously, so taking a USCG boating safety course will get you all the information you need.

With the rising popularity of the Internet, we are seeing more and more opportunities online. Taking a boating safety course is no different. There are many, many places online where you can take a course from the comfort of your own home.

They will take you step-by-step through what you need to know and then quiz you on your progress. Here are a few places we’ve found that offer online boating courses:



All of these courses are designed to teach you what you need to know about boating safety and prepare you for your next boating trip.

There are also many websites that have boating safety courses online for kids as well. It’s essential that children know how to stay safe on board a boat. These courses are fun as well as informative and are geared directly to the younger generation.

You will see that these boating safety courses cover a variety of topics such as boat handling, reading the weather, required equipment on board, and the importance of wearing a life vest.

The live boating safety courses are taught by licensed professionals. The online courses are often sanctioned by organizations that make them legitimate.

Taking a boating safety course can be the best step you can ever take toward responsible boating. Nothing will replace the information you’ll get and you can take to the waters knowing that you are fully prepared to boat safely and respectfully.

You know your kids love to try new things

No matter how young or old your children are, involve them in everything that you do as you embark on your fishing journey.

Best Boating for Kids
best boating for kids

Your kids want to feel needed and this is the perfect opportunity for them to help you. There is no better way to instill a sense of accomplishment in your kids than to allow them to help you with “grown-up” jobs.

Depending on how old they are, assign them certain small things for which they are responsible. Some of these include ensuring that everyone has a personal floatation device and letting them coil a line.

Your children will walk away at the end of the day with a renewed sense of confidence in their ability to help Mom and Dad.
Keep your children busy while you are fishing. They prefer to stay active. Plan your fishing outing accordingly. Include exciting water activities such as snorkeling, tubing, or looking for various wildlife.

Of course, showing them the basics of fishing will forever keep them and you busy! There are enough details involved in the sport of fishing that you will need to take your kids on multiple trips before they are fluent in the language of the angler. 
You have an excellent opportunity to teach your kids while fishing on a boat.

You have the ability to teach them new skills that they use long after you have caught your last fish. Merely being on the water allows you to teach kids new things about their environment.

You can also teach them about boating, fishing, and safety skills. Try to incorporate these teachings into fun, intriguing activities.

Introduce them to new and exciting things as they are ready. For example, create a game that teaches nautical terminology.

Focus on words like port, starboard, or bow. You should build upon this knowledge. After they know these terms, help your children learn the best way to safely drive a fishing boat or cast a fishing line.

Always be an observant teacher. The combination of boating and fishing allows for an enormous amount of learning.
This type of hands-on learning lasts a long time. Your children will benefit in many ways.

They will discover things that help them become better fishers and boatmen. Participating in an activity that is thousands of years old teaches them about tradition.

They will eventually be able to teach their kids all that you have taught them. This includes many of the elements of responsibility that come with helping adults achieve a goal.
Your children will have unlimited amounts of fun as they encounter new settings, new climates, and new wildlife.

Most importantly, fishing and boating with your children will give you the chance to spend quality time with them. This is worth more than all of the fun had and the lessons learned.

9 Great Family Boating Activities

One of the most enjoyable outdoor activities that my family and I do during the summer is to go boating

Best Boating for Kids
best boating for kids

Boating is a great way to bond with friends and family members. If you don’t own a boat you can easily rent one for day at one of your local marinas.

There are several boats to choose from and many activities to participate in while on the water. Below are just a few of the great things you can spend your day doing while boating.

1. Relaxation – Many families will take an enjoyable stroll around the lake or river relaxing while spending time chatting with friends and family.

Take a cooler and snacks and sit back and enjoy the peace that you can experience while floating on the water.

2. Fishing – Take your kids, grandkids friends and family out for a day of fishing. Not only will you have blast watching the young ones eyes light up when they catch a big one, but you will also be able to spend that quality time together that everyone deserves.


3. Swimming – You’ll find several boats that will dock at the sand bar or out in the middle of the lake.

When you notice these boats sitting their you’ll see how much fun their having jumping off the side of the boat, or just floating in the water swimming. The kids seem to enjoy this more than anything else you can do on the boat.

4. Tubing – Here is my favorite activity on a boat. Take everyone out on the boat for a little tubing. This is a great activity for everyone.

Watch the kids laugh and yell as they skim across the water on their favorite towable. There are many towables to choose from depending on your rider’s action level.

5. Water Skiing – It’s a great time to get out your skis and hit the water. Friend will love watching the experienced skiers as well as watching the beginners get up for the first time.

6. Kneeboarding – This ones a little easier than water skiing and kids will really enjoy the thrill of racing across the water. Watch out for those waves and be ready to splash in the water.

7. Fire Works – One of my favorite times of the summer is watching the fireworks over the lake while your sitting out on the boat.

This can be one of the most spectacular views for watching fire works. Boating is a great way to enjoy the 4th of July weekend.

8. Wakeboarding – If you know how to water ski get ready for some wakeboarding action. You can have a blast trying out new stunts on a wakeboard. This is one of the most popular activities for young ones on the water.

9. Slalom Skiing – Kick away that other ski and use only one. This is for the more advanced skier, but friends and family will cheer you on as you make a big spray behind you while your slaloming.

This summer head to the water with your family and friends and enjoy your time together.

Boating Supplies

You’re ready for a relaxing day out on the water, but you’re wondering what boating supplies you’re going to need.

Best Boating for Kids
best boating for kids

You’ve already got all the necessary boating supplies to make your boat legal, but what will you need for a really great boating getaway?

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to boating supplies is who will be with you on this excursion?

Are you bringing your family, a bunch of friends, or will it just be you and that special someone? That makes a difference. It also matters if you will be on just a day outing or an overnight one. Let’s look at each scenario.

For a family boating trip, the supplies you’ll need should reflect the needs of everyone. You’ll want some healthy foods for snacking like trail mix,

cut-up vegetables with a low-fat ranch dip, and some fruit. If you want to make the day special, consider some junk food as well.

Bring along lots of water and juices for the kids. Try to stay away from the soda as you don’t want some hyperactive kids running around!

When cruising with a group of friends, boating supplies will be a lot different. Cruising with friends is usually a party time, so have along some snacks that are considerably more grown-up.


Get a cheese and cracker platter, but have a place to keep it cool so the cheese doesn’t spoil. Chips and dip are good choices as are finger sandwiches like ham salad and egg salad.

Beverages will probably be quite different as well. Have lots of coolers on hand to hold canned beer, some wine coolers, and soda for your non-drinking friends.

As a note here, if you are driving the boat, consume alcohol moderately or you risk a boating while intoxicated violation.

What if it’s just two people on a romantic sunset cruise? Boating supplies necessary for this type of excursion should be in keeping with the romantic atmosphere you want to create. Have some strawberries and champagne for toasting each other.

Again, some fine cheese is good as are aphrodisiacs like oysters and shrimp. Candles really make the atmosphere romantic as you can watch the sun set while floating on the water.

A day trip will require much fewer boating supplies than an overnight trip. On a day trip, you won’t need to plan for multiple meals. If you are over-nighting, have some easy breakfast foods around like granola bars, fruit, and bagels.

Lunches should be simple with sandwiches and some chips. You can go crazy at dinner if you want, but we would suggest finding a great stop-off along the way with a waterside restaurant where you won’t have to worry about dishes!

Boating supplies are more than just life jackets and tow ropes. When you look at boating supplies from a different perspective, you see that the essential supplies are the ones that help make your day on the water a real trip to remember!

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