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best bean bag furniture today

Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair - Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover - Stuffed Foam Filled Furniture and Accessories for Dorm

best bean bag furniture today

Since it’s very first introduction in the market back in 1960’s, bean bags have slowly become an essential fixture in most American homes.


Many people have certainly extolled and waxed poetics on the numerous comforts that a good old “beanie” can provide.

Sitting or lounging on a bean bag after a very exhausting day is like coming home to a loving embrace, or so many people claim.

From its humble beginnings as a mere by-product of a Styrofoam company, bean bags chairs have evolved into a variety of home pieces such as bean bag furniture, loungers, couches, beds and a whole lot more.

Bean bag furniture have certainly attracted and fascinated people from all walks of life.

In fact, it can’t only be found in average American families who are trying to maximize their living spaces, but there are a number of celebrities who are equally hooked on owning a bean bag furniture.

It even found its way into some plush hotels and lavish parties thrown by the rich and famous. Seeing the large material market potential of bean bags that actually caters to a huge fraction of the society,

Issey Miyake have been planning to manufacture an exclusive line of bean bagchairs, which actually have arms and legs.

This will undoubtedly create waves in the home fashion industry and kick off a new shopping frenzy for people who wouldn’t want to be left behind.

Trendy hotels such as Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Florida and the Cavalier Hotel in Miami have incorporated bean bag furniture along with their other highly opulent furnishings.

This is in response to the rising clientele rates that include kids and teenagers and their desire to produce a more stylish and kid- friendly environment.

Even large corporate offices have eagerly joined the bean bag furniture bandwagon. In their goal to create a more comfortable environment for their employees, bean bag furniture replaced the conventional office furnishings and even conference tables .

It is a generally accepted concept that a more relaxed setting would encourage a more open discussion and hopefully keep their creative juice flowing.

As we move along to the next century, bean bag furniture will certainly be an integral part of our living and working spaces.


There are all sorts of variations that have been created from bean bags, and already we can see the availability of a great number of bean bag furniture in different shapes and sizes.

Even the materials and fabrics used on bean bags have aggressively kept up with the preferences of consumers. Still, we can look forward to a lot more varieties and exciting designs in the future.

Bean Bags Are A Cozy Combination Of Comfort And Style

Bean bags are incredibly comfortable and the relaxing feeling of sinking into a snug and welcoming bean bag chair appeals to both kids and the young at heart. 

best bean bag furniture today
best bean bag furniture today

Bean bag furniture offers a quick and versatile way to furnish practically any room in the home, from a family room or childrens bedroom to a rec room or den. 

Bean bag chairs have come a long way from the traditional design we all remember from our childhood. These days bean bags come in a range of lounger and teardrop styles,

some have arms, some are used as ottomans and sizes range from small kids bean bags and fun animal shapes to extra large sofa sized ones.

bean bag chair can make a great gift for children or teens. There are loads of colorful patterns to choose from, to add a splash of color to your décor or to blend in with a themed bedroom.

For sports fans of all ages, there are bean bags emblazoned with the logo of a number of professional and college teams.

NHL, NBA and NASCAR bean bag chairs are popular among fans of all ages, and provide the perfect seat from which to kick back and enjoy the big game. Bean bags are easy to move around, so you can be sure of getting a premium viewing position!

Bean bags are an affordable option when you’re looking to combine comfortable furniture with casual style. Many come with removable covers, or can simply be wiped clean when necessary.


Fabrics include hardwearing cotton twill, faux leather, vinyl and velvet. Bean bag chairs are filled with either foam stuffing or polystyrene beads.

Because bean bags are so comfy, they’re likely to get a lot of use over the years, but they can instantly be given a new lease of life by plumping up the cushioning with refill beads or filling.

Whether you’re looking for a snug and cozy place to curl up with a good book, lounge around in front of the TV, or simply relax with friends and family, a bean bag chair could be the ideal solution.

Tips on Buying Bean Bag Loungers

If you are one of those kids who grew up with a bean bag in your room, as an adult you would surely miss the squishy and cozy comforts of your own beanie.

best bean bag furniture today
best bean bag furniture today

When you look back on those fond memories, you would naturally want to purchase an endearing reminder of the good old days.

Luckily enough, you are not the only one who has not outgrown their fascination and fondness for bean bags since more and more adults buy one for themselves.

The mere sight of bean bags probably brings a lot of reminiscent smiles on the faces of adults, considering the fact that there is a growing number of luxurious and plush bean bags you can find anywhere.

One would naturally assume that there is indeed a huge fraction of consumers that are catered by bean bag manufacturers.

From the simple bean bag chairs to you have come to know, it would be more sensible to buy some bean bag loungers which can offer a bigger space for you to toss and turn.

The thought of reading a book or watching your favorite television show on some bean bag loungers suddenly becomes more appealing, right?

You would probably need some help when choosing among the wide variety of bean bag loungers available in the market today.

Some important factors such as fabric material, size, fillings and price should be taken into account when you are trying to determine the quality of some bean bag loungers.


The most essential thing that you should look for in bean bag loungers is to find out if it has a removable cover or outer sleeve.

This will save you from worrying about some spilled liquid or soiled cover since you can easily wash it or have it replaced after prolonged use.

With the availability of a lot of fabric patterns in the market today, you can easily order some custom made covers for your bean bag loungers some time in the future to give it a new fresh look.

It is also very important to try it out first be fore actually purchasing one. Since bean bag loungers cost a considerable amount of money, you might want to be a little meticulous in choosing to save you from regrets in the future.

Make sure it will easily mold to your body and adjust in any movements you make. After all you wouldn’t want to comprise that decadent comfort that you have come to expect in every bean bag products.

Bean Bag Refills

Since the introduction of bean bags in the American market a few decades ago, it is still one of the most functional and almost indispensable fixture in most homes in the United States today.

best bean bag furniture today
best bean bag furniture today

It gained its popularity because of its sheer ability to easily conform to any shape and movements of the human body. Thus, it is recognized to be one of the most comfortable chairs that you can ever find in the market.

Since most people often find themselves spending more and more of their time in the loving warmth of their favorite beanie, it would naturally deflate or shrink after frequent use.

Many kids also developed a habit of jumping on top of their bean bags that would naturally deflate its fillings. So however durable your bean bag may be,

it would eventually cave in from the steady beating and battering sooner or later. But manufacturers have thought of this possibility and came up with bean bag refills as an effective solution.

Bean bag refills is positively a more cheaper alternative to purchasing another bean bag. It is readily available in most bean bags store in your area.

But before you purchase your bean bag refills, it is important to know what type and size of bean bag refills would be the most suitable for you.

Be sure to make some inquiries before making a purchase. To guide you, there are usually two types of bean bag refills commonly available in the market today.



These type are BB sized pellets made from polystyrene with 1mm width. When choosing, pay more attention to the sizes of the beads since you would naturally want bean bag refills that are of the same shape and size to ensure supreme comfort.

Beads with similar shapes would allow the beads to move around better, which would mean you can maneuver more easily.

Virgin pellets are also considerably denser than reground refills so it won’t squash as easily. However, it is known to cost a little more than the reground ones.


These are recycled bean bag refills that came from large wedges of Styrofoam that are grounded up to disintegrate into smaller pieces.

With this type of material, some beads are prone to clump together so if would be a little harder to move around it than you would normally do in Virgin pellets.

This is the more commonly used and preferred bean bag refill since it is cheaper and are more environment friendly.

If you own a bean bag, you would naturally ask how often do you need to buy some new refills, right? It largely depends on how often and how you use it.

Since most bean bags that gets beaten up and worn out especially if you have children around the house, it would need new refills after a few months of use.

Kiddie Bean Bag Chair

Do you always find yourself constantly butting heads with your child who seems to develop a certain fondness for jumping atop your expensive furniture pieces?

best bean bag furniture today
best bean bag furniture today

No matter how patient you might be, it will inevitably wear thin by having to frequently reprimand your impish son.

In a few months time, you will probably find yourself tearing your hair out in sheer frustration or have a nervous breakdown from worrying for your child’s safety.

Raising a child is tough and demanding enough without adding much complication and your furniture should be the least of your concerns.

So save yourself some the persistent anxiety and do something about it your expensive furniture is scratched beyond repair or worse, injury your hyperactive child.

Most children cannot understand that there are some objects that are off limits, since their young minds cannot fully grasp the danger or the consequences of their actions.

The best way to divert your child’s attention from that plush furniture piece you just purchase a kiddie bean bag chair for him.

That’s right! A kiddie bean bag chair would be a perfect solution to lure him away from those delicate furniture sets.


By providing him his own piece of furniture and making him understand that it was purchased just for him, and no other person can use it without his permission, you might just convince him to cut you some slack and leave those furniture off.

Anyway, kids would predictably prefer the soft and pliant kiddie bean bag chairs than some other stiff and rigid seats. His face will certainly light up just by the mere sight of a colorful kiddie bean bag chair.

Most bean bags that are specifically designed for kid’s use are made from resilient and waterproof materials, or otherwise removable and washable covers.

Just imagine the thought of not having to fret about spilled drinks or dirty feet, and give him the certain freedom to act his age and have fun on his personal bean bag.

You can also get one for his room or in an enclosed playpen so you won’t have to worry about hitting some sharp objects and accidentally falling off from a high surface.

Who ever said that having a child in the house would destine you to have cheap and scruffy furniture? This will certainly be a cause of embarrassment especially if you have some guests coming.

A kiddie bean bag chair will probably be the most sensible gift you can give to yourself and your child and give you a relatively harmonious time together.

Chairs, Rockiing Chairs and Other Comfortable Places To Park It!

A chair is one of the best inventions ever made. If you’ve been standing a long time what can appeal more to the eye than a comfortable chair. Chairs are an essential part of any room.


One of the first things a person looks for when entering a room is a chair to sit down on. Chairsbean bag chairs, rocking chairs, kitchen chairs…they’re all part of the essential furniture in any home.

Who wants to sit on the floor when visiting your home? Modern civilization means that today we have comfortable, stylish chairs to sit on and enjoy what were doing.

Chairs should be comfortable and stylish. The chairs you choose should fit in with the overall decorative theme of your home.

Whether it’s sleek leather chairs or some extra folding chairs for guests, the furniture in your home reflects who you are.

Hard backed firm chairs are favored in the dinning room. Ergonomically correct chairs should be used at work stations, especially if you spend many hours there.

There are thousands and thousands of chairs, sofas, sectional sofas and other home furnishings to choose from over the internet.


When making your selection keep these important points in mind:-
1. How much money do you want to spend?
2. How much use will your chairs get? In other words, do you have kids????
3. How easy will it be to clean up after the occasional spill on your prized chairs?

Narrow your selection down from all the furniture manufactures out there to a select few, try to focus on the best companies that offer chairs, sofas, home furnishings and furniture for your home.

Keep these thoughts in mind and I’m convinced you’ll find the perfect chair for each area of your home.

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