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Best Are Your Kids Halloween Costume Safe?

Are Your Kids Halloween Costume Safe?

Are Your Kids Halloween Costume Safe? We desire our youngsters to enjoy throughout Halloween, however have you considered the security of their Halloween outfits?

A lot of us desire our youngsters to use awesome outfits when trick-or-treating, yet overlooking a children’ Halloween outfit’s security can transform that experience sour.

Are Your Kids Halloween Costume Safe
Are Your Kids Halloween Costume Safe

Are your children’ Halloween outfits as well unsafe to use? Figure out if those Halloween outfits are secure to put on, suggestions for acquiring secure youngsters’ Halloween outfits, and also just how your youngsters can use great outfits without compromising security.


Are Your Kids’ Costumes Really Safe to Wear?


Are your youngsters’ Halloween outfits truly risk-free to put on? Children’ Halloween outfits are needed by legislation to make use of flame-retardant products.


One more issue is air flow in full-masked Halloween outfits. Many outfits do not supply adequate air flow for children to take a breath, resulting in carbon dioxide poisoning.

An additional minimal issue with youngsters’ Halloween outfits is presence. If outfits aren’t noticeable after dark, individuals– much more notably, cars– will not see the youngsters’ Halloween outfits, thoughtlessly running over satisfied trick-or-treaters.


Thoroughly picking your youngsters’ outfits and also preparing it for evening wear gets rid of these disasters.


Just How to Select Safe Kids Costumes for Halloween


Prior to purchasing your children’ Halloween outfits, you’ll intend to see to it it’s risk-free. Below are some standards:


If your youngster desires to put on a cape, make certain the cape isn’t long. Individuals like to embellish throughout Halloween, as well as some designs consist of fire. If a loosened outfit unintentionally brushes versus this, it will not be a delighted Halloween!

Many masks have little air flow, so avoid these youngsters’ Halloween outfits if you can. If your youngster urges on looking like their favored concealed personality, usage make-up rather.


oMake certain that the mask’s eye openings allow sufficient. Openings need to be two times the dimension of your youngster’s eyes. Make certain the mask exists level on their face.

oIf you can, steer clear of from dark garments. It reduces exposure.

oDon’t select anything that covers their face, such as an untidy wig.

As soon as your children’ Halloween outfits are picked, you’ll require to prepare it for evening wear.

Just how to Make Your Kids’ Halloween Attire Safe


There are 2 means to prepare your children for a risk-free Halloween trip:

Location 2 strips on your children’ footwear and also 2 strips on their Halloween outfit. These strips beam in the sharp as well as dark vehicle drivers.


oHave your youngsters bring a flashlight. Locate a flashlight with a band if your youngsters do not like it. They can hang it from their wrists and also maintain it hidden.


Of training course some youngsters will not like your secure concepts. Some children desire to use full-face masks when trick-or-treating.


Obtaining Your Kids to Celebrate Halloween Safely

Obtaining your youngsters to like your secure suggestions is challenging. Right here are some tips:

oIf your youngster demands using a full-face mask, have your kid use it around your house for some time. Possibilities are your kid will not wish to use it any type of much longer this Halloween.

Are Your Kids Halloween Costume Safe
Are Your Kids Halloween Costume Safe

oDoes your youngster refuse to put on reflective tape on their Halloween outfit? Place it on their bag rather.

oIf your children demand lengthy garments, have them use it around your home. They’ll burn out of it as well as select one more children’ Halloween outfit.


If your kids still decline to use secure children’ Halloween outfits, speak with them regarding why it’s crucial to remain risk-free on Halloween. Stories or pictures are extremely efficient with more youthful kids.

Once again, it’s constantly vital that your children are secure this Halloween period, so begin with their youngsters’ Halloween outfits.


Ensure their outfits fit comfortably, are noted with reflective tape, as well as do not disrupt their exposure. It’s essential to make the youngsters’

Are Your Kids Halloween Costume Safe
Are Your Kids Halloween Costume Safe

Halloween outfits secure so they have a satisfied, secure Halloween– an excellent Halloween you as well as your youngsters will certainly keep in mind for several years to find.


Are your children’ Halloween outfits truly risk-free to use? If outfits aren’t noticeable after dark, individuals– much more significantly, cars– will not see the children’ Halloween outfits, thoughtlessly running over satisfied trick-or-treaters.

Many masks have little air flow, so miss these youngsters’ Halloween outfits if you can. Once again, it’s constantly crucial that your youngsters are risk-free this Halloween period, so begin with their children’ Halloween outfits.


It’s vital to make the children’ Halloween outfits risk-free so they have a satisfied, secure Halloween– a terrific Halloween you as well as your children will certainly bear in mind for years to come.

Making Halloween Parties Fun for Kids

Halloween is often a favorite holiday for kids. The costumes, the candy, and all of the festivities make it a favorite time of year for many. Part of that fun often includes a Halloween party.

If it is your turn to play host this year, here is a look at some of the things to consider while you are planning. The better prepared you are, the more likely everything will go smoothly.

Who is coming?

Before you can really start the party planning, you need to know how big the party is going to be. Some parents will invite only their child’s favorite friends, while others will make it an event for the entire class.

How many you would like to invite is totally up to you, but it is helpful to have a number in mind before you start buying Halloween candy and favors.

Costume contest

A great way to pass some time during the party, as well as encourage everyone to come in costume, is to have a costume contest.

If you are hosting a party for younger children, you will want to make sure that you have enough categories so that everyone wins a prize. Scariest costume, funniest costume, most creative costume, best animal costume, etc. can all be categories.

If you have the time, you can have party goers nominate and vote for the different categories. Find some fun Halloween favors to hand out as prizes, or you can create your own medals or award ribbons.

Face painting

If you have a little artistic talent, face painting is another fun activity for a Halloween party. Brush up on drawing ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, and witches, and you will be good to go.

This can be a great way for kids to participate if they didn’t come in costume, or just a way to have fun.

You might forewarn parents ahead of time that you are going to be doing face painting so that your little witches don’t come in already coated in green face paint and warts.

Treat bag/bucket decorating

For a craft idea, you can have kids decorate their own bags or buckets to use that evening for trick-or-treating.

You can purchase inexpensive bags or buckets for the kids to decorate with paints or by gluing Halloween decorations to them. Check your local craft store for inexpensive Halloween themed items to use.

Food, drink, and atmosphere

Food and drink are a part of any party, and Halloween is no exception. Of course, you will want to make things spooky.

Consider decorating cookies or cupcakes with Halloween themes, serving punch with floating spiders, or trying out any other creepy Halloween recipes you have on file.

To set the mood, try dimming the lights. Orange and black streamers and balloons can give the room a festive air.

Or you can hang fake spider webbing and put up tombstones if you want a creepier feel. Find some Halloween music to play in the background as well.

With a little creativity and planning, you can create a Halloween party that your kids will always remember.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Many kids love Halloween. There are parties, costumes, and every kid’s favorite – candy. Trying to keep kids entertained until Halloween night can require the patience of Gandhi himself.

Here are some easy Halloween crafts that you can use to keep the kids entertained.


Ghost puppets are easy to make and can inspire hours of creative play. Get a white handkerchief, black marker, and a rubber band.

Drape the handkerchief over your child’s middle three fingers, secure with a rubber band, and draw on eyes and a mouth with the marker.

You can also put the cardboard from a paper towel roll and stuff the head with cotton balls if you want a more permanent puppet.


If you are planning on handing out lollipops as part of your treats for trick-or-treating, you kids can help you decorate them.

Cover the lollipop with a tissue, tying securely with a rubber band or piece of ribbon. Use a marker to draw eyes and mouth on your ghosts and they are ready for giving.

Spider webs

Take 3 craft sticks and glue them together so that they make a star shape. Taking white or black yarn, weave it over one craft stick and under the next, working your way outwards from the center.

When it is finished, glue down the end and attach a plastic spider. Your creation is now ready for hanging.

Candy Cauldrons

Find an empty plastic container and paint it black. You will also need to paint three small wooden balls black as well.

Once everything is completely dry, glue the balls to the bottom of the cauldron. Add a wire handle if you would like, and fill your cauldron with your favorite Halloween candies.

Paint a pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a bit messy and difficult, and can be dangerous if you do not want small children handling the knife.

Instead, get some permanent markers or acrylic paint your pumpkin to look like a monster, clown, or other Halloween character. For kids, the smaller “pie pumpkins” or even the mini-pumpkins will work perfectly for this craft.

Paper plate masks

While your child may not be able to dress up in their costume until the day or evening of Halloween, you can easily create your own masks.

Help your child cut eyes and breathing holes out of a paper plate. Punch a hole on either side to attach a ribbon or string to tie the mask on. Then you can allow your child to decorate the mask with crayons, marker, paint, or by gluing items to it.

Reusable treat bags

Purchase some reusable cloth totes or shopping bags as well as some Halloween-colored fabric paint. You can also look for iron-on transfers and stencils to make decorating easier.

Allow your kids to decorate their own bag. If you do this a few days before Halloween, it will be dry and ready to go along when trick-or-treating.

A little creativity and you can come up with your own Halloween crafts for kids as you wait to celebrate this fall holiday.

Getting Great Pictures of the Kids this Halloween

There she was in all her glory. Long white lab coat, frizzy hair, safety goggles — and a face smeared with the black ash of an experiment gone terrifically wrong.

She was, at least on this Halloween night, Dr. Abby Normal. But for most of her life I had known her as Abigail, my daughter, and I had just taken some of the most legendary photos of her life.

These weren’t your garden-variety portraits. Not exactly Wal Mart studio stuff either. They were pictures taken of my kids in their natural element — being kids. That is the real photo opportunity of a holiday like Halloween.

For treasured images this Halloween, here are some quick tips to remember to get once-in-a-lifetime photos:

1. Stop Posing — Halloween is not a formal affair.

So don’t bother with the wedding style shots. Engage the kids in the play associated with their costumes — and THEN shoot the pictures. Candids reveal the smiles much more than a “Hold still, honey!” moment.

2. Shoot Early, Shoot Often — Film is the cheapest part of photography. And in this digital age, there just isn’t a reason not to shoot several images.

There are many good reasons for being trigger happy with the camera. First, if kids are use to you constantly firing away they won’t bother with the plastic smiles. But most importantly, shooting more simply increases your chances for great pictures.

With Halloween pictures some of the best images are taken while the costuming is in process — don’t wait for the finished product in getting out the camera.

3. Get in Their Face — Halloween was made for pretend. Kids love to make faces, don costumes and assume a new personality. It is the ultimate form of exhibition.

You just can’t let the opportunity pass. They WANT to be noticed. Most point-and-shoot variety cameras have wide-angle lenses.

While this helps them to get sharp results and to work well in lower light, they tend to move the subject matter further away. Most have a minimum shooting distance of around three feet.

Don’t be afraid to push that limit at Halloween. Get in close, have them make faces, ask them to talk to the camera. They will. It is, after all, Halloween.

4. Let Them Call the Shots — It’s their party. Ask them what kind of pictures they want. When my son was Harry Potter a few years back he wanted to jump off the roof on his Nimbus 2000.

We had to reason with him a bit. But a little leap from a lawn chair to the grass did the trick and we got the shots of Harry in flight.

Chances are your kids have an idea of the persona they are adopting. Let them call the shots to document the experience.

5. Use the set — Most of us decorate for the season. There could be haystacks, a bubbling pot, a roaring fireplace.

Use these props, even if they don’t fit the theme of the costume. Down the road the memories you cherish will include all the fun that went into creating the holiday environment in your home.

Good candid pictures of children require active participation and putting them at ease. Halloween is the easiest of seasons in which to do this.
© 2004 by Jeff Westover

Halloween Games for Kids and Adults

Whether you decide to take the kids out for an hour of trick-or-treating and then come back for the party, or just forego the neighborhood wanderings this year, it is an absolute must that you have a fiendishly good time by playing Halloween games.

This holiday is usually considered a kid’s day, but I like to think of Halloween as a time to become a kid again, and Halloween games – even if they are really designed to please the kiddies – can really be Halloween games for both kids and adults.

Here are some great ideas for Halloween games to make everyone giggle and have a good time:-

• Pass the Pumpkin – This game is great fun and all you need are three pumpkins and some people. Just group up the players into groups of pretty even ability levels, or make it kids against the adults or boys against the girls if you like.

Each group starts with a pumpkin and the first player passes it to another in the group. Then that person passes it on to someone else, and so on.

The winning team is the team that does not drop the pumpkin. Ohhh…did I forget to mention, you should put some Crisco on the pumpkins first? Howling good fun! This is an outside game of course!

• Mummy Maniacs – This game is way cool and all you need is some white crepe paper or rolls of toilet paper. First, divide up the kids (or adults) into teams of two players each.

One takes the paper and makes the other one into the mummy, being sure to wrap the legs together, not separately.

Then, the non-mummies run around in a roped-off area, and it is the job of the mummies to “capture” an enemy partner. The first one to hug the enemy is the winner.

• Witches Broom Dancing – This is a variation on follow-the-leader, and all you need is a broom. Put all players in a circle.

The first person takes the witch’s broom and dances around the circle with it. Then, she hands it to whatever player she chooses, and that person must imitate her dance exactly. If she doesn’t she sits down and another person takes a turn. The last player standing wins.

• Spider Sack Relay Race – This game makes players into spiders and requires just a little forethought and before-the-party preparation. All you need are three old pairs of panty hose and some old rags to stuff inside them.

Put the rags in the legs of the pantyhose. Then, divide the players into three teams. The first player ties the pantyhose around his waist so that the legs dangle on his sides.

He bends over and crawls on his hands and feet (or hands and knees, whichever) and goes to the finish line, where a teammate waits for him.

Then, the teammate takes off the dangly pantyhose spider legs, and puts them on herself and crawls back to the beginning. Play continues until all players have crawled. First team to get everyone across a finish line wins.

It’s easy to become a kid again on Halloween night and make it a special night with your friends and the kids. All you to do is put your thinking cap on and introduce everyone to one of the above games or another Halloween game you come up with.


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